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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 Olympia Results and Photos

2005 Olympia Review

2005 Olympia Press Conference and Expo

2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Results and Photos

2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Review

Mr. Mexico Photos and Results

Mr. Mexico Review

20 Questions with our Cover Model Jenny Lynn

Brown Rice or White Rice
by Chris Tsugranes

Video Interview: Cover Model Jenny Lynn IFBB Figure Pro

The Search for the Perfect Suit by Jane Awad

Pictorials: Jenny Lynn, Angie Semsch, Sabrina Gibson, Dana Della Valle and Monica Martin

Video Interview: Carrie Schindley NPC Figure and Fitness

3 Weeks Until Nationals
by Kristi Wills

Women Training Routine Part 2: Leg Training
by Rossella Pruneti

Video Interview: Barbara Engelsmann IFBB Figure Pro

Before and After
by Stacey Tomasini

Ms. Fitness Glutes!
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Kate Shelby IFBB Figure Pro

Sacramento IFBB and NPC Championships

Jenny Lynn

The last pro show of the year, one week after the Olympia and featuring some of the same competitors from the O. This was also the first time that the Sacramento show a well known NPC amateur show would include any type of pro event. Downtown Sacramento at the Crest Theatre was again the chosen venu for this event. Nothing had changed except the addition of the pro figure and pro fitness on Friday night. The format for this show was innovative combining prejudging and the finals at the same time. The event was scheduled to start at 7pm and right after prejudging fitness routines would come up and then the awards.

Monica Brant-Peckham

It was a mystery regarding the competitor list as the promoters never released it and wasn't available even when inquired. Some sources revealed some competitors just signed their contracts right at the mandatory meeting. And one competitor in particular was scheduled to be there but gave no notice beforehand. Possibly a fine unless she can justify not showing up. The show ended up having 12 fitness and 22 figure competitors in the pro division.

Adela Garcia

In Fitness there were 5 Olympia competitors, Jenny Hendershott had pulled out of this event due to her winning the Olympia. Among the non-olympia competitors were Sandra Wickham, Christina Summers, Donna Jones, Sally Wombwell, Britt Thorsch, Esther Ovary and Sandie Ward. The top 5 Olympians were called out first in both physique rounds. Adela Garcia looked tighter than at the Olympia. The other competitors who were at the Olympia looked close in their conditioning as well. Julie Childs again presented a powerful physique and was right up there next to Adela on the one piece callout. Sandra Wickham finally was given a better placing in the callouts, she always brings a muscular and lean body that anyone would be jealous of. The bigger surprise was

Julie Childs

Christina Summers who changed her physique almost 180 degrees. At the Emerald Cup she had come in very lean and hard and still placed well. This time she came in softer but still keeping her shape and was rewarded for it too. Of the internationals competitors Donna Jones and Sally Wombwell had a good level of muscularity. Donna has already wowed us at the Europa show with her shape and muscles. For the finals Adela took first and Julie Childs took second placing ahead of Tanji who had beat her at the Emerald Cup in April taking first, Julie Palmer and Angie Semsch followed. The top 5 competitors all did the same routines from the Olympia. Noteworthy was Esther Ovary's routine, as she is an excellent gymnast and transitions very well from one move to another. Also to note were some bloopers related with some of the fitness routines. Julie Childs began using a hat which she threw really close to the judge's table, the hat almost falling off the stage was grabbed by a judge and placed it on the table right next to him. When Julie was about to finish her routine she looked over and couldn't see her hat, on a closer look she grabbed it, put it back on and finished her routine to the beat of the music. Angie Semsch has been doing her routine using a water bottle as a prop. The bottle was placed in the middle of the stage less than one meter from the judges table (in this show at least). In the middle of her routine she coughs and takes a sip of water from it and then throws herself to the ground and prepares for another part of the routine. But this time one of the judges maybe Sandy Ranalli had placed her water bottle on the stage rather than on the judging table which was almost at the same height level (photo below). Maybe with the stage lights and the tumbling Angie took the judge's bottle by mistake and drank from it! Maybe she did it on purpose but it was a funny moment seeing Sandy Ranalli and other judges look at each other in confusion.

Sandra Wickham
Angie Semsch


Rhonda Riley

In Figure the lineup was very competitive, including 10 Olympia competitors. Callouts weren't that surprising except for the addition of Valerie Waugaman and Gina Camacho to the first group. Jenny Lynn looked her best at the Olympia and this event, it looked like she was going to win the show. Monica could not be ignored given her muscular development that every competitor strives for. When they all turn their backs Monica's glutes and back development stand out. Rhonda Riley also stood out given her legs, glutes and great shoulders. We hope to see Rhonda again on stage soon, she is right there on the top. Mascha Tieken who had been overlooked by judges at the Cal Pro was finally called out early on. Mary Lado with her elegance was up there again and creeping on the top 5 as it seemed. Monica Guerra and Debbie Leung both shorties and more on the well developed side looked to have done their homework right after the Olympia. Many people don't realize how hard it is to compete at two

Gina Camacho

consecutive shows and try to maintain the form. Waleska Granger was doing only her second show and came in lean and hard which was well liked by the judges. Latisha Wilder's V-taper was also being considered given the callouts. For the finals Gina took 5th and Mary 4th but then came the shocker the crowd couldn't believe (first of all there wasn't much of a crowd). Monica Brant-Peckham took third behind Valerie Waugaman. Valerie has the right shape, genetics and she is competing in the right sport, she hasn't been around too long but judges seem to really like her look and physique. The audience likes her posing from what you could hear from the crowd. It's was a hard decision as it was a tied score and the 2nd round which Val won decided the placing. Monica's development will be hard for anyone to catch up with but the judges made that decision for a reason, which we hope to know. Jenny Lynn won the show and took home another sword for her collection.


Fitness (L-R): Angie Semsch & Julie Palmer
Figure (L-R): Jenny Lynn, Monica Brant-Peckham, Valerie Waugaman


Holly Nicholson

Saturday brought the NPC portion of the event, bodybuilding, fitness and figure. There wasn't much competitors in bodybuilding but familiar faces would make it competitive. Holly Nicholson came her best ever probably and had a great contest color, specially on her back. Stacey Bush sported an impressive upper body that couldn't be ignored. Last year's winner had been Christina Sondgroth who was in the audience watching. This time the winner was Holly Nicholson from Nevada and deservingly took the win back to Vegas.

Fitness involved only two competitors, Michelle Horn and Cary Brown who won it given her better physique development. Michelle Horn should not be discouraged as she is younger and has a bright future in front of her.

Fitness (L-R): Michelle Horn, Cary Brown

Corinna Frikken

Master's Figure went to Corinna Frikken who was clearly the leanest and best in her class. Norma Larson followed closely and is someone who should be doing very well next year. Class A was won by Melanie Berger who would do very well in open figure too. Kelly Greene took Class B, Kelly was very impressive with her shoulder development and amount of muscle. Nicola Diven was also looking incredible, these two ladies should be doing Nationals next year for sure. Heather Miller and Robin Sinclear came on strong and crept on top 5. Sandra Simon was the wild card as she was the leanest but judges seemed to not want that for master's figure.

Kathryn Taylor

Open Figure was smaller than last year but still had many great competitors. In Class A Vicky Dowell with her symmetry impressed everyone, we hope she continues next year competing at big shows like the Emerald Cup. Jill Knight also looks like she has done things right and clearly belongs on national stage. Kathryn Taylor after sometime came back and showed us that she has it in her and will be a star in the near future. Maria Alegre was another competitor who looks she'll be doing very well soon. For her short size she has packed good muscle in the right places. In Class B Rebecca Perdue who also competed in Masters could have taken the first place but judges awarded younger Britney Calhoun. Doritza Rocker with her unique posing style kept the

Ashley Meyer

crowd going and she seemed to really enjoy competing. Notable was Yvonne Honorio's calf development, she should keep at it as this body part is what most competitors male and female lack. Class C was won by Kelly Greene and this time Sandra Simon took second. Impressive Ashley Mayer who took third has a great potential, good looks and a nice lean shape, she should be placing top 10 in her first National show. Nicola Diven again was looking great, her abs were one of the best in the whole show. Nicola has too a great look which is something the IFBB is indeed looking for, add Robin Sinclear to the sentence as well. Last but not least Lakiesha Williams has come such a long way since her first show in 2004 at the SF Pro Grand Prix. If we mentioned conditioning Lakiesha really has it, abs were there and her back is well developed. Finally Class D was

Nicola Diven

taken by Amanda Chapman who had also changed her physique from the 2005 Ironman. Shelly Fields ex-bodybuilder doing her second show as figure showed us you can indeed loose size and add the figure look. Corinna Frikken took third and she should be one of the competitors to watch for as well at either national or masters national level.

The show was well run and a big thanks to AJ's Bail Bonds who supports our industry even when his business is not a supplement related one. We really need more sponsors like this who enjoy the sport from a different point of view.

Kelly Greene
Shelly Fields

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