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2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Review

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Mr. Mexico Review

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Mr. Mexico 2005 Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

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Consuelo Rojas

The Magdalena Mixhuca in La Ciudad de los Deportes (City of Sports) took place the 2005 Mr. Mexico in Mexico City. The event had taken place in the previous years at the Teatro Ferrocarrilero but a political event was held there instead. Due to this change of venue the event had changed dates several times from mid September to Oct. 1st and then finally the weekend of Oct. 8th. This largely affected the competitor list for the new Copa Internacional held in Guadalajara. The venue was Sala de Armas inside the gigantic City of Sports which holds several hundred acres where all kinds of sports are held from soccer to car racing. This place is also the official meeting place for the the Mexican Olympic Committee (CODEME).

As all large bodybuilding events in Mexico it was divided in two days. Saturday morning registration took place at 9am with weigh-ins. The different thing here in Mexico is that the official representative from your state must be present in order for the competitor to be registered which almost makes all state associations be together with their athletes. Given the change of venue most state associations lodged 45 minutes away from the venue at the contest hotel. Smarter, the Jalisco association blocked a set of rooms for their athletes at a good hotel which was 10 minutes away from the venue by foot.

Mari Carmen Gomez Segura

The prejudging began at 2pm on Saturday October 8th. Female Bodybuilding and Fitness was up first doing their first rounds. Right off the bat Imelda Jimenez looked like the winner of her weight class and contender for the overall. Fitness was up next and Veronica Mota Gutierrez had the best physique and looked like the clear winner. Novice Figure (a type of amateur category) was up next and it had a good number of competitors. After the first round as usual only the top 10 competitors were kept and brought back for comparisons. The rest of competitors in this category that didn't pass the initial elimination round were now done for the day and for the weekend. Since Mexican competitions don't have a clear method for classification for Nationals that's why this is done. Diana Martinez given her height and stage presence seemed like a good candidate to win the overall and so was Araceli Ochoa which was much shorter but even tighter than Diana Martinez. Manuela Arias was probably too muscular for the judges and probably not as tight as the other two mentioned but she has a great deal of potential.

Marcela Krylova

Master's Figure was much more harder to judge. Josefina Hernandez from San Luis Potosi winner of this category for Nationals was up against Martha Mancilla from Jalisco and Norma Villafranca. These three bodies were all totally different. Hernandez being the most muscular and symmetric but Villafranca the most defined. Mancilla fell in between them but regarding looks Mancilla had the best looks. Remember judges according to rules award 40% face and 60% body. Sometimes it's 30/70 but usually is 40/60. On the Bikini category (and yes there is one) the clear winner was Lluvia Castillo whose height and lines helped her overpower anyone. Yunue Estrada was right behind her physique-wise.

Finals began late at 12:20pm when scheduled at 10am or so. The bodybuilding awards were given to each class and then they would wait for two other competitors who had won the San Luis Potosi Nationals. Time came and the impressive Mari Carmen Gomez Segura was up on stage for the overall with Mari Carmen Dominguez who where both winners at Nationals. Gomez Segura came in softer due to competing the next weekend at the Coloso Classic which had much higher money prizes. Mari Carmen Dominguez who was tighter took the overall. But watch out for Mari Carmen Gomez Segura as she is probably our best competitor for women's bodybuilding.

Veronica Mota

Fitness routines came along and again Veronica Mota Gutierrez looked the sharpest in both this round and the physique round. Maria Helena Morales also performed an excellent routine and no doubt she was second after Veronica Mota. On the tall class Marcela Krylova was the winner, bringing a rather pleasant figure and face coupled with a lively routine. The overall winner was Veronica Mota Gutierrez who most likely be competing internationally in 2006.



Monica Ibañez

The Bikini portion was given to Yunue Estrada and it seemed that the judges were making a point with that placing. Lluvia Castillo who took second clearly could have compete in classified figure as her muscle development and symmetry was further up than bikini. Judges seemed to favor Yunue's looks and also trying to keep bikini as bikini. In other words if you start rewarding in bikini stronger physiques with the same rules as figure then you will have a novice figure category not a bikini category. Jr. Figure had only 3 competitors, Karla Alderete took the overall easily, she should plan on competing in novice figure very shortly. Master's Figure was taken by Josefina Hernandez and Martha Mancilla took second place. It was a tough race because as mentioned earlier each competitor presented a different package. Novice Figure had some interesting competitors in particular my eye caught Monica Ibañez who is one step to compete with the classified competitors. Diana Martinez was the winner and second went to short and tight Araceli Ochoa.

Salome Oceguera

Time came for the major showdown, classified figure were all the top competitors in the country were at it. Class A was plagued by top notch competitors and probably the best physique belonged to Cecilia Villaseñor but younger competitor Rosa Isela Cruz took the overall. Rosa Isela had done really well at the Copa Internacional a week before. Cecilia placed much better at this event than the Copa Internacional, and should keep on trying for next year. Class B was dominated by Olga Reyna who always comes in very lean. Alicia Gutierrez who took second has enormous potential given her looks and symmetry. The surprise was Julia Luz Sanchez taking fourth, she always brings a lean physique and had placed much better at Nationals. Class C was taken by Angie Padilla who had been closely battling with Reyna Chavez at Nationals. Angie has always emerged over the top despite Reyna's strong physique. The overall came and Consuelo Rojas the winner of Nationals and Copa Internacional was added to the other three class winners. In this event there were competitors who had won major events and only had to wait at the overall to compete, this is a way to compensate those winners. Consuelo with her full muscles, symmetry and looks won the overall with ease. The international category featured Salome Oceguera from Mexico and Jessica Balderas from Peru. Salome looked simply amazing and totally unbeatable, this woman is impressive in all areas, she had won the overall at this show last year. Her conditioning was on and took the international class. The international class is on its own it doesn't compete against the Mr. Mexico Overall otherwise it would have been an incredibly tight contest between Consuelo Rojas and Salome Oceguera.

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