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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 Olympia Results and Photos

2005 Olympia Review

2005 Olympia Press Conference and Expo

2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Results and Photos

2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Review

Mr. Mexico Photos and Results

Mr. Mexico Review

20 Questions with our Cover Model Jenny Lynn

Brown Rice or White Rice
by Chris Tsugranes

Video Interview: Cover Model Jenny Lynn IFBB Figure Pro

The Search for the Perfect Suit by Jane Awad

Pictorials: Jenny Lynn, Angie Semsch, Sabrina Gibson, Dana Della Valle and Monica Martin

Video Interview: Carrie Schindley NPC Figure and Fitness

3 Weeks Until Nationals
by Kristi Wills

Women Training Routine Part 2: Leg Training
by Rossella Pruneti

Video Interview: Barbara Engelsmann IFBB Figure Pro

Before and After
by Stacey Tomasini

Ms. Fitness Glutes!
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Kate Shelby IFBB Figure Pro

20 Questions with our Cover Model Jenny Lynn

1) Please introduce yourself? What makes you special? Who is Jenny Lynn?

My name is Jenny Lynn. I'm an IFBB pro figure competitor, MuscleTech sponsored athlete, personal trainer and contest prep consultant to many amateur competitors across the world. I really enjoy inspiring others to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. I feel very blessed for the life I've been given!

2) Please tell us a bit about your family, friends and surroundings?

I have absolutely the best and most supportive friends and family that anyone could ever dream of! Having a support system is crucial when preparing for contests as it is so physically and emotionally draining. My family and friends are always there, day after day, to keep me focused!

3) You just won the Sacramento show, Congratulations! What did you feel was key in your physique or presentation to win this show?

The Sacramento show was a blast for me since it was relatively close to home and a lot of friends, clients and family could attend! I had competed in the Olympia the week prior and presented my best physique to date at that show. I felt like I was able to come close to duplicating that conditioning at the Sac. Always room for improvement though so I'm back at work making changes for the 06' season.

4) What is your personal policy (not what the judges want) about conditioning and muscularity when coming into a show? Soft or hard?

My personal goal is to bring my physique in as balanced as possible. My upper body comes in quickly and my lower always lags behind so my goal is to continue to get better conditioning in my legs.

5) What is your idea of what judges want in a Figure competitor? Do you think judges are clear enough with competitors about how they want you on stage? I must admit it has gotten harder to tell who is the winner from behind the camera.

Physique competitions and judging is very subjective. So all you can do is compete against yourself trying to make improvements from show to show and hope for the best.

6) For the next shows what do you think you need to work on physique-wise/conditioning-wise? If anything!

My leg conditioning will probably always be a main focus for me.

7) What is your typical training routine in the gym (per day, include sets and reps!) How much cardio do you do before a show?

Training Routine:

Day Bodypart
Monday Shoulders/Abs
Tuesday Quads
Wednesday Back/Abs
Thursday Chest/Arms
Friday Glutes/Hams/Abs
Saturday off
Sunday Repeat Cycle

*I train upper body heavy. 4-5 exercises per bodypart, approximately 8-10 reps

*i train lower body and abs with high reps and supersets. 4-5 exercises per bodypart, approximately 20 reps

Pre contest cardio is about 2 hours a day. Off season is about 45 minutes a day.

8) What is your pre-contest diet? (per day, 1 week before the show)

Precontest diet varies but this is an example:

Meal # Food
Meal 1 6 egg whites, 1/2 c. Oatmeal
Meal 2 NitroTech shake, 1/2 c. Oatmeal
Meal 3 Chicken, 1/2 c. Yam and 1 c. Green veggie 4 oz.
Meal 4 5 oz. 99% fat free ground turkey, 2 c. Green veggie
Meal 5 White fish and 2 c. Green veggie 6oz.

9) How do you go about dropping your water before the day of the show? Please be specific.

The day before the show I generally drink no more than 32 oz.all day

10) What motivates you to train/diet and compete? Are there any competitors you look up to?

I think I motivate myself mostly. I'm competitive with myself and always want to make improvements from show to show. As long as I do that, regardless of the outcome, I'm happy.
I look up to all of the competitors I get to compete with. I think we have a common respect for one another considering we all go through the trials and tribulations of contest prep.

11) Please tell us an interesting experience you had at a show recently, be it a fun thing or something rather not so fun?

An interesting experience...I cannot think of anything too exciting. I do have a really poor sense of direction and have gotten lost in search of venues and host hotels more times than I care to admit. Sad but true!

12) What is your personal opinion about the figure, fitness, bodybuilding industry we are in? Anything you would like to see changed?

I would like to see increased prize money for the woman. I'm not saying it should be the same as the Men but Fitness, Figure and Women's Bodybuilding combined are not making even a third of the Men's prize money and big shows like the Arnold or Olympia. Hopefully, we can start seeing an increase here.

13) From the shows you competed this year which one was the best (or most fun) for you and why?

I think the Arnold Classic is the most fun for me. We (the athletes) are treated by far the best at this show and it has the largest expo. 40,000 athletes come from around the world to compete in a multitude of events and it's pretty thrilling to be involved in such a huge production.

14) Now, in what show you have done in all your career do you think your physique looked the sharpest and best? And what factors made it happen. (e.g. trainer, muscle maturity, etc...)

I think my physique looked it's best at the 2005 Olympia this year. My goal has always been to get my legs in better condition and I was able to make significant improvements for this show. I worked with expert trainer, Charles Glass, every couple weeks in LA and with nutritionist, Hany Rambod for this show. Previously I had done all of my diet and contest prep by myself so it was great to have additional guidance this time.

15) What is your opinion about the 20% rule the IFBB issued to some female athletes? Why do you think they did it? Do you think competitors will follow it? Or it will get lost around somewhere?

I think the 20% rule was a pretty blanket statement to all female athletes. As a figure athlete I haven't noticed any real change in the muscularity of the athletes.

16) Our sport is changing a lot , even figure now is being judged quite differently sometimes favoring politics. Promoting oneself is becoming more and more important everyday. In my experience you are one the best at returning emails, calls and just being very professional. What would you recommend other girls to do to promote themselves better?

17) Please tell us about how you were raised and did you have any interesting experiences while growing up? You can tell us a short story!

18) Do you have an athletic background? Gymnastics, soccer, volleyball or what?

19) What is a typical day in the life of Jenny Lynn? From waking up to until going to bed?

20) Last one I promise... What is your current occupation? Please tell us more about it, what do specifically do in your job?

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