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2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Review

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The Search for the Perfect Suit
by Jane Awad

Jane Awad Olympia 2005

So many competitors each year spend hours on end searching for that perfect suit that is going to wow the judges when they present themselves on stage. At first glance all the women on stage appear to have similar bodies, but as you look closer in the comparison rounds the differences become apparent. Some might think a suit is a suit is a suit no matter who is in it. For those that feel this way there are many places that you can locate used suits for great prices. I am all for finding a bargain in this high priced competition suit market but if the suit is not cut for your body type, it can make all the difference between being in the top five and winning the show.

Let me point of the obvious. First, there is a standard suit that the judges are looking for onstage. It is a basic triangle or under wire top with v-tapered bottoms that crosses on the lower back. How elaborate and detailed you go with the crystals on your suit is totally up to you, and of course, how much you are willing to spend. For all of you suit innovators out there this market is closed. Unfortunately a totally different suit acts like a distracter and can work against you. I would name a few names of people that have done this in the past but why open that can of worms; lets just stick to the basics here. Right Val??? Who loves ya babe?

Now that the 2005 Season is over for the year we can all forget about our suits right? Wrong. This is the time when you should be putting your orders in or searching for that perfect used suit that you just can’t live without. Like the One Jane Awad had on at the Olympia designed by Crystal Corner

Even though we have eaten our way back to our off season weight single handedly in a mere 7 days does not mean we can not be preparing for next season. Lets be real here, there are only so many good suit designers out there for the thousands of crystal craving figure competitors.

Jane Awad Olympia 2005

Here are some of the things that I have learned to look for when searching for a suit. Choose a color that looks good with your hair and skin tone. Even though we all have competition color on we all grab color differently. So choose your colors wisely. I really like the color light purple but not on my competition suit. You don't want to look washed out on stage. Again, I have learned from my own mistakes. Ask to see color swatches and choose your colors for yourself. Some designers have been known to choose the colors for you. If this is not your style than don't use that designer. A lesson I learned the hard way.

Secondly, have the suit designer send the suit to you to try on before the stones are set. All material fits differently once it is cut. Some material fits tighter than other material and you don't want to have your suit stoned before it is cut exactly right. This might cost you a few dollars to have it shipped to you but in the end it is worth it to have a suit that fits like a glove. I would suggest doing this each time you have a suit made. Our bodies can go through different changes during different times of the year. Personally I have had an 8 lb. weight fluctuation this season from show to show.

Last but not least try to find a designer that is willing to make a suit for you according to your body type. All bodies are not created the same so why should we all have to fit into the same pattern. Having a working relationship with your designer is really important. Lets face it we are all easier to deal with in the off-season, so what better time to prepare for next years suits.

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