Issue #10


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 Olympia Results and Photos

2005 Olympia Review

2005 Olympia Press Conference and Expo

2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Results and Photos

2005 Sacramento IFBB and NPC Show Review

Mr. Mexico Photos and Results

Mr. Mexico Review

20 Questions with our Cover Model Jenny Lynn

Brown Rice or White Rice
by Chris Tsugranes

Video Interview: Cover Model Jenny Lynn IFBB Figure Pro

The Search for the Perfect Suit by Jane Awad

Pictorials: Jenny Lynn, Angie Semsch, Sabrina Gibson, Dana Della Valle and Monica Martin

Video Interview: Carrie Schindley NPC Figure and Fitness

3 Weeks Until Nationals
by Kristi Wills

Women Training Routine Part 2: Leg Training
by Rossella Pruneti

Video Interview: Barbara Engelsmann IFBB Figure Pro

Before and After
by Stacey Tomasini

Ms. Fitness Glutes!
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Kate Shelby IFBB Figure Pro

2005 Olympia Press Conference and Expo

Michelle Adams & Monica Brant

The Press Conference was held at 1pm on Thursday at the Orleans Hotel in the Mardi Gras Ballroom. A huge crowd had gathered to see and hear what the Olympians would say. First off all the women were present at 1pm and there was a large group of people watching, even some standing up. The format of the press conference resembled more like a show or inquisition for some of the athletes. I said like a show because the two hosts Bob Cicherillo and Triple H were asking all the questions and the questions themselves could make any competitor uncomfortable, hence the temrn inquisition. Press was not allowed to ask any questions and it seemed as if the event was planned that way. Bob asked questions to several competitors such

Fitness Competitors

as Davana Medina, Jenny Hendershott and Kim Klein. Questions like "Who do you think is your biggest competition at this show?" The right answer which all replied was something like "I compete against myself and every show I try to improve". So Bob didn't get any juicy answers from the competitors. A funny moment was when Bob had mentioned that getting even third or dead last place at the Olympia for the women was a great achievement. Tracey Greenwood who is known to be friends with Bob asked Bob if he would like to be 3rd at the Olympia sometime. The crowd made comments and laughed as Bob wasn't able to respond with a great answer. Female Bodybuilders showed off their physiques at some point which was fun for the audience.

Yaxeni Oriquen

2005 Olympia Expo Photos

Andrea Dumon and Dave
Lea Waide
Shannon Roberts
Mary Lado
Summer Montabone
Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis & Colette Flack
Esther Taylor and Felicia Bruno
Lisa Bickels
Mary Jo Cooke
Nina Luchka
Angie Semsch
Cytosport Girls


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