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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 NPC Nationals

2009 NPC Nationals Review

2009 Sacramento Pro Am

2009 Sacramento Pro Am Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Andrea Dumon

Tonya Burkhardt, Ann Pratt, Jonna Edwinson, Andrea Dumon and Alika Faulkner

Interview with Rikke Ekran BodyFitness
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jennifer Blundell

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Kari Williams


2009 NPC Nationals Review

Ava Cowan

This time Nationals had reached a peak, a little over 500 competitors in total. Being in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area it was going to be an amazing show. Another great part of this event is that the host hotel also included the show itself so competitors did not need to go anywhere for the show.

Figure A was for Kimberly Trowbridge over Debra Lavette and Tina Francis who could be one of the better competitors out there. Mandy Henderson in 4th and Sylvia Lopez in 5th.

Figure B was for former Olympia model search winner Kathleen Tesori, Josie Zamora in 2nd, Jennifer Smythe from NYC in 3rd, Tiffany Procopio who always has a great body in 4th and Michelle Krause from Arizona in 5th.

Figure C was a huge class, Ava Cowan after being in other federations stepped up and brought a great package. Sasha Porshnikoff from the SF Bay area took 2nd, Rachel Gichert 3rd, AJ Jerome 4th and Casey Brocato 5th.

Class D was for Taylor Gallagher, 2nd Casandra Madero, 3rd for Ryan Everson from Oregon, 4th Jami DeBernard and 5th for Jennifer Marchetta.

Mindi Smith

Class E Mindi Smith won it and also the overall again. Kimberly Sheppard took 2nd, Amy Vetter 3rd, Alexandra Johnston in 4th and Summer Rogers in 5th.

Class F was for Holly Beck over Jennifer Martin who has that small tiny waist, Jeanne Nimmer was 3rd, Andrea Holliday in 4th and Jessica Smith in 5th.

Jessica Anderson

Bikini was surely packed as well, Trina Goosby who used to compete in figure nailed her pro card in class A, Erica Reder won class B she is from Washington State. Alea Suarez with a great look and abs took class C. Tianna Ta took class D while Jessica Anderson took class E and the overall with a softer look. Stefanie Lindsey took class F in a smaller class like A and B.

Kris Murrell

In Bodybuilding the lightweight was for Lori Steele just over Kirsten Haratyk. Lisette Acevedo took the middleweights with a bit more muscle than Janet Kaufman. Light Heavyweights was for Nicole Berg who made a comeback after a few years of competing. LaDawn McKay took 2nd in this class. In the Heavyweights it was a tough showing, Kris Murrell looking her best ever won the class and overall. In second Amber DeFrancesco, 3rd for Monique Jones and Sarah Hayes the newcomer in 4th. All very impressive ladies. Great class.

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