Issue #59


by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 NPC Nationals

2009 NPC Nationals Review

2009 Sacramento Pro Am

2009 Sacramento Pro Am Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Andrea Dumon

Tonya Burkhardt, Ann Pratt, Jonna Edwinson, Andrea Dumon and Alika Faulkner

Interview with Rikke Ekran BodyFitness
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jennifer Blundell

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Kari Williams


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The Fitness Industry in Trouble?

Some signs have been obvious that the fitness industry is not in good shape at all. The main reason that shows are still able to run well is because competitors keep on coming. In the case of larger National shows many competitor get in debt just to compete at a show which will return them zero or not much money. This is good for the promoters though because many sources put in an entry free, bring family and ticket sales.

Some shows have folded, specially pro shows, mostly because they have to pay a large fee to the IFBB in order to hold a show. For example the Atlantic City Pro show just folded after some years of having the show. Now the Ironman Pro also has been cancelled, possible future dates are being negotiated but its unknown if it will happen. Other NPC shows have relocated themselves to different cities or changed to cheaper venues. Sponsorship by supplement companies has decreased as well.

Now supplement companies too have suffered as they have marketed too much in the fitness industry and have not been touching the regular mainstream people out there. Some companies that make protein powder do very well but don't even touch the fitness industry. Others will only venture within the Arnold or the Olympia. Also many so called big supplement companies within the fitness industry are bankrupt and in huge debt but yet they still sponsor males and females and given them at least with men a contract that pays X amount of dollars per month. The mass media marketing that these supplements use is not that large scale (like National TV), that they would be better off to pay an athlete for photos for a product rather than get then under a contract.

So remember when you get money from someone think if they are a sinking ship or not. If they are enjoy it but know that it will come to an end.

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