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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 NPC Nationals

2009 NPC Nationals Review

2009 Sacramento Pro Am

2009 Sacramento Pro Am Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Andrea Dumon

Tonya Burkhardt, Ann Pratt, Jonna Edwinson, Andrea Dumon and Alika Faulkner

Interview with Rikke Ekran BodyFitness
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jennifer Blundell

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Kari Williams


Interview with Rikke Ekran by Anne Pietila

Rikke Ekran

1. Rikke, first of all I have to congratulate you! In the middle of this November you achieved something great at IFBB junior world championships, could you tell us a bit what happened?

- This autumn I competed at my first international competition – IFBB Junior World Championships. So in my first world championship, after only one season with competing here in Norway, I took 2nd place.

2. So, runner up placing at your first World Championships, must feel pretty good? Could you share  your thoughts and feelings concerning the placing, your own package and whole experience?

- Of course it feels good! I think it’s amazing, but at the same time I am not totally satisfied – I want a lot more! I’ll definitely be back next year, fighting for being the world champion! I’m still young and I’m just getting started. I think I got a great frame, so now I only have to fill it out with the right way. If I manage to do this, I think I have a certain future in body fitness. My whole experience from competing this year, is great. I’ve had a lot of fun, and I think that I’ve achieved good results already.

3. By the way, how old you actually are? Am I right that you still have quite many years in teen division?

- I’m still only 17 years old, I ll turn 18 now in the middle of December. That gives me three years left in the teen division. My plans are to compete every year of these, in the junior (teen) class at the World Championships. I think this will be important and good for my future in body fitness.

4. That is impressive! Anyway this is not the first time you were recognized as a really talented competitor and certainly a becoming star. When did you started competing and how was the first show?

- My first competition was Sandefjord Open and there after Oslo Grand Prix. I debut in body fitness this spring, at the Sandefjord Open. The show was one of the smaller shows in Norway, but still a great show with a lot of great athletes.

5. But you have achieved already something more, for instance good results during the spring and specially during this fall at Norwegian nationals and Nordic Championships. Could you give us a short recap of achievements so far?

- I won both of the competitions I competed in this spring, Sandefjord Open and Oslo Grand Prix. This fall, at Stavanger Open and the Norwegian Championship I took second place. At the Nordic Championship I got 4th place. And for a closer for my very first year as an body fitness athlete, I also took second place in the IFBB junior World Championship.

Rikke Ekran

6.  Amazing job! I already took up your age, you are still extremely young and you already took good placings also among the experienced competitors in open class. What do you think is your key for good success already this young?

- I think I can thank god for the genes and ”the right” frame for my early success. Plus that I have been lucky, and came right into a nice environment with people who only wanted the best for me. Now I believe it’s important to hurry slowly..

7.  All in all your career start has been a real rocket start and I am sure it has taken a lot of work and dedication. Specially at your age, do you think you have lost something because of this sport? And on the other hand, what  this has given to you?

- Yes, indeed. This sport demands a lot of work and dedication. I don’t think I’ve lost anything but it has been too little school and studying for me this fall. So now, before the Christmas holidays and after, I have to put all I can and some more of effort to school. It’s important not to forget about everything else, even if a few months only is about diet and competing. But it has given me a lot! I have not only found something that I really love doing, but through bodyfitness I’ve got to know many great people. I also have learned a lot about myself, and grown up. Not to mention all the doors the sport has opened for me, without bodyfitness I wouldn’t be where I’m today.

8. Specially here in Scandinavia teen divisions have lack of competitors and most countries do not have any teen division. at shows. What would you say to encourage young girls to compete more active?

- I don’t know why there is’isn't more younger girls like me who compete in body fitness, this must be the ultimate girl-sport. It got the makeup, the heels, the glam and the fame. The only explanation I got, must be the training. Few teenagers, especially girls, are training with weights. This is because of ignorance, and their horror for muscles. However I think a teen-boom will get over us soon and the sport will grow fast!

Rikke Ekran

9. A lot of competing in your life lately, what else do you have/do in your life?

- Besides body fitness and training, I’ve school. Now I’m on my last year at high school, and it’s important for me to get done some studying now, so I can graduate with good grades. Beyond this I’m spending time with friends and family, some traveling and relaxing.

10. This year and contest season is now at the end. End of the year is always the time to plan for the future. What is your next show and which what kind of goals? And what else is planned for the next year?

- The only thing I’m absolutely sure of is that I will be competing at the Junior World Championships 2010. Since I’ll be in shape next fall too, I will take the same competitions with me as I did this fall here in Norway. I need all the experience I can get. I might go for the Junior European Championship too but I need to see the calendar first. All I really want is to compete all the time but this spring I have to be sensible and take a time out. Next year I also have to start on a higher education, maybe move somewhere new too. In many ways 2010 will be an exciting year for me. My goals are to improve my physique till next diet and finish high school. I’m also hoping for revenge at the World championships..

Rikke Ekran

11. End of the year is also time for summing last year. What were the highlights of your year generally and of course contest wise? What was the most important thing you learned during this year?

- To make my debut and to win both of my first competitions as well the second place in my first Norwegian Championship and 2nd at the Junior World Championships are the highlights of this year. I’ve learned that it’s important to believe in myself, and not to change direction if you’re put on a test or two.. Go for it a 100 % and keep the course steady.

12. Keeping your next show in your mind, could you tell us how you will now go on nutrition and training wise until your next contest?

- I’ve had two calm weeks now, just eating and easy training. I needed this to get my energy back and a nice surplus. So the training have already started again. In a week or two more, I’ll start on my off-diet with lots of good food and nutrition supps, and I’ll start training hard and improve my physique My focus will be on my back-depth, abs and thighs.

13.  And what about long term goals, do you have them and what do they include?

- I definitely have them, but they might not be crystal clear yet. All I know is that I want to go as far as I can, and get as much as I can out of my potential. In my dreams I can see myself be one of the top best athletes in the world. This is a goal, and I will work to achieve it. Not all goals are intended to be reached, but if I get as good as I can be, this is enough for me. My most defined long-termed goal is to be the best junior for the three years I have left.

14. It is time for the Christmas soon again. How will one of the most talented young figure competitors in Europe spend the holidays/Christmas?

- I’m a Christmas-lover, and this holiday is holy to me. The Christmas time is family time, and I will spend it home with my parents and brother. Relaxing, good food and probably some training will be the content of this years Christmas.

15. What did you wish from Santa Claus?

- Someone special…!

16. Thank you for the interview, Rikke. And then at the end you get free word to say what ever you want to!

- Thank you and hopefully you all will see more of me in the future, I’ve came to stay. Now I just want to wish everyone a nice Christmas, this is a time to enjoy. I certainly will!

Thanks for interviewing me, hugs and kisses!


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