Issue #2


by HardFitness

2005 Ironman Review by HardFitness

2005 Ironman Expo by HardFitness

Breast Augmentation by Darlina Acampora

Becoming a Fitness Competitor
by Kristi Willis

Julie Lohre Interview
by Julie Lohre

Sodium in Your Diet
by Shelly Pinkerton

Alexis Ellis Overall Winner of the 2005 Ironman Video Interview Footage from Sunday after her victory.

Recipe: Breakfast Frittata by Amy Peters

Pictorials featuring Monica Martin, Carina Dupree, Darlina Acampora, Alexis Ellis and Andrea Dumon

Diuretics and Alternatives
by Sandra Del Vecchio

Rising Star Video Interview: Andrea Dumon NPC Figure from Arizona 2005 Ironman short class competitor

Show Schedule for 2005
by HardFitness

Contest Prep Diet and Supplement Schedule by Kristi Wills

Measuring Body Fat by Shelly Pinkerton

Secrets to Achieving a Leaner Physique by Linda Cusmano

Road to the 2005 Ironman by Andrea Dumon

Future Fitness Star: Mandy Polk 19 years old by Mandy Polk

Abby Eyre, Pro card contender Interview by Abby Eyre

How to Gain Natural Muscle by Kelly Burke Jennings

Monica Martin IFBB Bodybuilding Pro
Carina Dupree IFBB Figure Pro
Darlina Acampora IFBB Figure Pro
Alexis Ellis NPC Figure
Andrea Dumon NPC Figure





































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2005 Schedule

I also submit to print magazines so chances are that if we shoot I can send those shots to magazines in my next batch of photos. And our policy here is that you don't have to be star or pretty model to be on the site. Just a real competitor with great determination.

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