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by HardFitness

2005 Ironman Review by HardFitness

2005 Ironman Expo by HardFitness

Breast Augmentation by Darlina Acampora

Becoming a Fitness Competitor
by Kristi Willis

Julie Lohre Interview
by Julie Lohre

Sodium in Your Diet
by Shelly Pinkerton

Alexis Ellis Overall Winner of the 2005 Ironman Video Interview Footage from Sunday after her victory.

Recipe: Breakfast Frittata by Amy Peters

Pictorials featuring Monica Martin, Carina Dupree, Darlina Acampora, Alexis Ellis and Andrea Dumon

Diuretics and Alternatives
by Sandra Del Vecchio

Rising Star Video Interview: Andrea Dumon NPC Figure from Arizona 2005 Ironman short class competitor

Show Schedule for 2005
by HardFitness

Contest Prep Diet and Supplement Schedule by Kristi Wills

Measuring Body Fat by Shelly Pinkerton

Secrets to Achieving a Leaner Physique by Linda Cusmano

Road to the 2005 Ironman by Andrea Dumon

Future Fitness Star: Mandy Polk 19 years old by Mandy Polk

Abby Eyre, Pro card contender Interview by Abby Eyre

How to Gain Natural Muscle by Kelly Burke Jennings

Julie Lohre Interview

1) Having made a great impression at the USA's in Vegas, honestly what did you think your placing would be at Dallas Nationals, did you think you'd get your pro card?

To tell you the truth, I almost did not compete at Nationals. After a run of 8 shows in a years and a half, I was drained, both financially and of energy. Something inside me though, said that I this was a show I had to do. Everyone that goes to Nationals hopes they will get a pro card. It takes too much time, dedication, effort and money to go if you don't intent to do well. I hoped I would get a pro card and I put everything I had into achieving that goal. My dedication even surprised me. There was no cheating. No missing workouts. For me, it was one of those few times in a person’s life where everything became very clear and right. I knew exactly what I had to do and I put my heart and soul into it. It may sound philosophical, but I knew deep down I would really regret not competing if had not gone.

2) How did you feel after the judges announced you as the 2nd place winner in the tall class? What went through your head?

I was absolutely ecstatic! I had achieved my dream! First would have been nice, but the end result is the same. In this case, second is no less Pro.

3) Your husband Rick was there to support you all the way, in what ways did he help you?

In everyway. He has accrued quite a few titles over my competitive career... trainer, financial supporter, therapist and shoulder to cry on, tanner, bag man, bodyguard, really cute guy to look at in my personal gym. The list goes on and on. The truth is that without him I would not be Pro today. Thanks Rick

4) From watching the show I saw judges favored a lot of the less muscular girls, what is your point of view in Fitness judging? What should the criteria really be?

I think that the judges are looking for a balance. Women that have clearly dedicated their lives to fitness, but still maintain a feminine presence. A great V-Taper seems to be one of the primary judging criteria. As a completely natural athlete, I am very happy about the new 20% ruling in the women's categories, not just because I feel it will benefit me due to my physique, but I think it will discourage illegal substance abuse in the sport. There can be pressure in a competitor’s own mind to use an illegal substance because she thinks it is necessary to meet the standards of the ideal physique. Nothing is more important than the health and well being of our competitors and I feel this ruling is a big step in the right direction by the NPC and IFBB.

5) With your gorgeous blond looks why did you decide to compete in the NPC and not in the FAP/FAME divisions?

Well, thank you! The short answer is that there was an NPC contest in my area and I really wanted to try it. After seeing the Arnold Classic I knew the NPC and even the IFBB was were I wanted to be and that with my naturally muscular physique I would do better in the NPC. Besides, I LOVE to lift weights. The thought of having to do hours of cardio to loose my hard earned muscle makes me cringe!

6) Shiva Bagheri was awarded the best routine at the USA's in Vegas (first time award), and now you get this award at Dallas Nationals. Please tell us about your routine, what made it so special?

Shiva had an incredible routine at USA's and was very deserving. I was so surprised and honored to receive this award! I do love my Top Gun/Navy theme and I packed a great deal of difficulty into a 2-minute routine. Clean execution is what I focused on both in my training and at the show. I was very pleased with how I performed - it is what I love to do.

7) Last one I promise... As an IFBB Pro what are your next steps/plans with your life? Any big changes?

Actually, yes. I love to help other people reach their goals and am opening my personal training studio and have started accepting clients. I am offering an on-line personal training service complete with weekly phone consultations. I believe that with dedication and the right guidance anyone can achieve the body they have always wanted and I want to help.

On the competitive front, I will be working (not competing) at the Arnold Classic in March and will make my Pro debut this fall. It will be an incredibly exciting year and I can't wait to stir things up!

8) Anything else you would like to add?

I have released my new website -! It is incredible with hundred's of photos (some by the amazing JC himself) of me and some with my very best friends, video clips, wallpapers, my own journal along with detailed information on training, contest posing, supplementation and nutrition. There's really is something for everyone. Be sure to check it out.


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