Angie Fernwault Colette Flack and Angie Fernwault at Body Hobby booth Sara Flom at the SAN booth Amber Garrison and a competitor at VPX booth
Kristi Uhas-Kleppel and Jamie Buffalari-Kocher Jamie Buffalari Kocher New IFBB Pro Emery Miller Ocean Bloom at Dream Tan booth
Shelley Leversage Shelly Leversage and Ocean Bloom Marketing!!! Jennifer de Joya competitor
Julie Childs at Met-Rx booth Lena Johanssen at SAN booth Anna Larsson at SAN booth Mary Jo Cooke
New Figure girl? Lisa Bickels Mary Jo Cooke and Lisa Bickels Sonya Davis at Obusforme Denise Starling Steele at Obusforme
Three Obusforme angels! Shell Leversage enters the push-up contest Andrea Dumon competitor Jenn Ralph competitor with Monica Brant
Megan and Monica Girls about to party! Youngest IFBB Bodybuilder Pro Sarah Dunlap Katrina at Egg-Whites booth
Girls of Emerald Balance Fitness Icon Monica Brant The new couple Monica and Scott C.J. Gibson
C.J. Gibson again! Michelle Bell after 3 days of work! Lisa Lee and Sonya Davis  


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