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2007 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2007 Europa Super Show Review

2007 North Americans Photos and Results

2007 North Americans Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Angela Terlesky

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Angela Terlesky

Five Ways to Fight Flab and Stay Fit
by Jean Jitomir

Angela Terlesky, Darlina Brown, Priscilla Barrera, Stephanie Camacho and Aida Aragon

Video Interview with NPC Fitness Breean Robinson

Priority Check
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with NPC Figure Kandi Allen

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Claire Parmley



2007 North Americans Review

The final of the Figure national shows has grown a lot in the past years. Last year finally Mexican competitors were able to compete again. Only men had attended this event in '06 but in '07 Mexico would bring a larger team of Men, Women BB and Figure. Mr. Gary Udit does a great job in promoting this event and takes great care of the competitors. The hotel was a very old styled Renaissance hotel which included a mall adjacent to it. The hotel itself could be better as the dimensions of rooms, doors and even elevators were small. Toilets were top quality though... heavy duty Bemis brand, right up there with the gods of heavy duty toilets: Zurn.

Brandi Brinkley

4 classes for figure and Class A was for Brandi Binkley who seems to be a newer competitor and does sport a great physique. Candice Houston took second with a great v-taper and very complete physique matching calves and shoulders. Tiffany Procopio as always was looking stunning and finally got up in the top 3. Her physique is right on top, well conditioned and all around complete. Debra Lavette and Lauren Burnette took 4th and 5th. To be noted some competitors looked stunning such as Maranda Lessard, Consuelo Rojas, Rosa de la Cruz and Beni Lopez.

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson took Class B with a marvelous package, full muscle bellies and great upper and lower body proportions. The overall was in store for her as she presented all this and a good stage presence. Has probably been one of the best class winners of the year. Bea Fox too presented a good amount of muscle and good proportions and landed her 2nd. Anna Laratta had a smaller frame and muscle wise wasn't as big as the others but took 3rd. Chrissy Burton took 4th after this being her first year of competing. Ginger Redekker took 5th and has been knocking on the door this 2007. From the other competitors Ann Pratt, Priscilla Barrera, Tiffany Ryan, Deanne Brown and Cindy Currie brought different but good packages. The later two from Canada had a tad more muscle and still good frames. Priscilla Barrera with her stage presence marveled the throng.

Tiffany Rabon
Danielle Kifer

Class C brought a different criteria, in first Tiffany Rabon and Jan Horn in second which were not as muscular as the top 2 in Class B, Natalie Calland took 3rd and she has a good amount of muscle and has been placing well in the last couple of shows. In 4th place Canadian competitor Natalie Waples brought a very different package and was softer and with less muscle. Given the criteria in the last couple of shows and this past two years she seems like the look the want but still contrasted with the other top 5. In 5th place Danielle Edmonds who usually places top 5 still has the muscle and good conditioning. In 6th place Danielle Kifer always looks stunning and could have placed better if the Class B criteria would have been applied. From the other competitors Erin Parrish again was looking unreal, she came in softer for this show after looking near perfect at USAs. Alma De La Madrid Olvera one of the Mexico competitors had a great package but of course given the new criteria she has a lot of muscle in comparison to other girls.

Jessica Steffens

Class D was a close call but Jessica Steffens took the class over Nancy George who had already taken her card in masters figure. Jessica was much softer and has a different look than other classes even more towards the new criteria. Nancy has a good shape and could have taken the class if criteria was different. Kristen Crigler took 3rd and in 4th Stephanie McDonald who has been placing well in the last couple of shows. Melissa Deal placed 5th and redeemed herself after the USAs. From other competitors Kim Tilden with that much muscle still brought good conditioning. Holly Powell, Christine Aguilar and Elise Prucha are people to watch out for as they keep on improving. Karen Costanza was one of the best physiques with very round shoulders, matching calves and just a spectacular body. She could have been overlooked but even with the good muscle she carries she could have done much better.

Nancy Georges

Masters A was for Candice Houston who we saw has a stunning shape and frame. Michele Denis took second and Jen DeJoya took 3rd. We did not see Jen in the open class as the last couple shows she hasn't placed as well.
Class B was for Anna Laratta, Chrissy Burton in second and Canadian Nancy DiNino in 3rd place. Class C was for Jan Horn who placed very well in open figure, Natalie Calland followed suit and Canadian Kumal Johal took 3rd. Class D was for Nancy Georges who edged 2nd place Holly Powell, Aguilar took 3rd and Cat Zidell took 4th. The masters was almost a repeat of the open figure hence for a few competitors who opted to only compete at the masters level.

Bodybuilding was smaller than at USAs but it included Canadian and Mexican competitors. In the lightweights Lisa James took 1st and Karen Geninatti took 2nd place. There were only two competitors in this class.

Middleweights were taken my Tracy Mason who had done well at the Jr. Nats this year. Amy Sibcy took 2nd and Pam Shealy third. Michelle Morrison has amazing genetics and a great shape but placed 4th. Mexican competitor Yadira Herrera took 5th and many people like her looks and stage presence.

Mary Carmen Gomez Segura

In the Light heavyweights Mary Carmen Gomez Segura from Mexico took the whole class and the show with ease. She will be a good pro to watch out for. Michelle Brent took second and Anita Nikolich took 3rd. Sabo with a new look took 4th.

The heavyweights were for Nekole Hemrick and with her looks and body she could be a great asset to the sport. Beverly DiRenzo took 2nd and Diana Cook in much sharper shape took 3rd.


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