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2007 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2007 Europa Super Show Review

2007 North Americans Photos and Results

2007 North Americans Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Angela Terlesky

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Angela Terlesky

Five Ways to Fight Flab and Stay Fit
by Jean Jitomir

Angela Terlesky, Darlina Brown, Priscilla Barrera, Stephanie Camacho and Aida Aragon

Video Interview with NPC Fitness Breean Robinson

Priority Check
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with NPC Figure Kandi Allen

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Claire Parmley



2007 Europa Super Show Review

Shannon Meteraud

This time the event moved from venue and host hotel from Arlington to downtown Dallas. It seems that the space was a limitation at the other venue hence the new and larger Dallas Convention Center. As far as the hotel it was a larger Hyatt Regency hotel which unfortunately didn't have the same type of shooting locations as the Arlington hotel from past years. There was much more space for the expo but the venue was not walking distance. So there had to be pros and cons to it, the Pariso's did a great job though getting an even larger show this year.

Lisa Morton

Pro Figure was not as big as expected and had a fair share of new and seasoned competitors. Shannon Meteraud brought a competitive package, harder and much more defined than her last shows and took the show. Natalie Benson took second with her ultra tiny waist. Chandra Coffey took third after placing well in her last couple shows. Lisa Morton took a fourth place and is finally noticed while Kristal Richardson placed 5th. From the other competitors Darlina Brown came in fuller and rounder on her shoulders. Jamie Senuk presented an elegant physique and could have placed better. Claire Parmley also looked fantastic with great legs.

Mindi O'Brien

Pro Fitness was the larger of pro categories and included many great competitors. Adela Garcia took the show after a third at the Houston show. Tanji took 2nd and is hot off stage towards the Olympia. Mindi again crept in there, 3rd and qualified for the Olympia once more. Julie Lohre and Amy Haddad took 4th and 5th respectively. Brenda Santiago from Puerto Rico took a great 6th place given that she was an amateur at this show last year. Other noteworthy competitors was the energy of Amy Villa-Nelson who ended performing thru a foot injury. Oksana Grishina with her great routine that left everyone in awe. Who would have thought a slower ballet styled music would have become so artistic and well crafted. I haven't seen anything like that ever, just so different but yet entertaining. The powerful Myriam Capes also showcase true skills in her routine round.

Claudia Partenza

Pro Bodybuilding was divided in two weight classes. The lightweights were tough to judge but Mah Ann Mendoza who has gone to the Olympia several times took the class. Debbie Bramwell who looked her best ever finally got her pro card and took second. Debi Laszewski took 3rd and again another great physique on stage. From the other competitors both Italians Claudia Partenza and Giusy Caputo were hard and shredded. Claudia even with striations on the glutes. Notable was Karen Zaremba's pro bodybuilding debut, she finally did some cardio as with figure she did not need to step on treadmills or any cardio equipment.
The heavyweights was all for Tazzie who sported size and definition and even a blonde colored hairdo. Theresa Bostick a seasoned competitor came back and brought a very muscular physique to take second. Beth Roberts was on the other end not as muscular but very shredded and this is what judges awarded her for.

NPC Figure Class A was all for Kandi Allen who was just doing her second show. Flor August another competitive physique took second both ladies very well conditioned.

Katrina Robinson

Class B was dominated by Katrina Robinson who has had National level experience. In second Roxanne Edrington came in second with a sharp physique. Kristy Fenster came in looking very good and is another competitor to look out for. 6th place was for Jennifer Jackson who was just stunning, no other words to describe her physique. She might have been a bit hard but its really subjective. Jennifer looks really amazing indeed, great looks and physique.

Class C was for Amy Owens who had taken her class and and the masters at the John Sherman NPC show. Second place was Lisa Lopez and in third the winner from the model search Jennifer Madrid. Wendy Rollins who took 4th its notable to say she presented a very complete physique and could have placed better.

Class D was not the last class, this time the show added two more. Christine Robertson who has stunning looks a smaller frame but good lines took her class. Kerri Harris took second and she presented a well conditioned physique, she will do well at Nationals given the criteria.

Class E was for Yvette McClaire who was in excellent condition. A sharp physique rounded shoulders, striated legs and a wide v-taper made her the winner. Its apparent the differences from her and the other competitors in her class while McClaire seems to satisfy more the older criteria she still outdid everyone else in her class.

Class F was for Kelly Hill who also took the whole show. She was a mix of good proportions and good conditioning. Deidre Putnam took second and presented a more muscular look with good conditioning but judges preferred Hill. Betty Scarborough who repeated this show again came in and took 3rd place, bringing a similar physique from last year.

Masters Figure had two division, over 35+ was taken by Amy Owens and Roxanne Edrington took over the 40+ division.

Tara Boyll

Fitness was 9 competitors including teen fitness. Tara Boyll just a teenager did a great job on the physique round and also for her routine earning her a 3rd place. In first was Stacie House and in second Chantal Lee. 4th place Kerri Harris who competed in open figure was looking very good as well.

Bodybuilding was all for Patricia Houston who had won the NPC John Sherman Classic. Her small frame but great conditioning earned her yet another overall. There was only a few competitors in this category but hopefully the numbers will increase next year.

Patricia Houston

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