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2007 North Americans Review

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Priority Check
by Rebecca Slatt

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PRIORITY CHECK by Rebecca Slatt

Rebecca Slatt

One of my goals as a competitor and writer is for others to learn from my mistakes.  If you have read any of my articles, you have heard me say it before that competitors need to have very organized lives.  There are only 24 hours in a day and there needs to be enough time for meal prep, weight and cardio training, sleep, and work.

The list of necessities for competing is endless; however, I want to touch on a couple that should be obvious, yet often are overlooked. 

Financial Stability:
Financial stability is a must.  This means a consistent paycheck that is able to cover most of your expenses.  If you don’t already know, sponsorships are rare these days.  I believe that establishing a career and financial stability is more important than competing.  You have many years to compete, so make sure you have the financial means to support competitions.  It is easier to compete later in life, than it is to go back to school or try to find a career when you are older.  This seems like it should be obvious, but I want to stress to the younger competitors especially, that it is not wise to charge your competition fees on a credit card (thinking a “sponsor” will reimburse you later).  You will spend the entire year paying the charge card off only to charge another year of shows again!  Obviously it is more enjoyable to compete when you have the money to pay for it.  Be sure you start with a solid foundation to success=education/career/confidence. 

If you don’t believe me, you can hear it from the most famous IFBB professional.  Recently, Monica Brant was interviewed on bodybuilding.com and she was discussing her feelings on training to compete for the Olympia.  Even the famous Mo Brant refers to competing as “just a piece in the puzzle,” meaning that it doesn’t pay any bills.  However, competing enhances her real career of camps, personal training, website, etc.  Keep this in mind when you are foregoing other financial obligations to fund competing for that IFBB pro-card.  What will be the return on the investment?  Do not be fooled into believing that earning your IFBB pro-card will ensure financial stability (competing is NOT a career). 

Friends/Family Support Network:
A solid support network is essential to a competitor not only for encouragement, but also for help with cooking, household chores, painting (when the time comes), etc.
First and foremost, there are many husbands/boyfriends who do not want their wife/girlfriend to compete, and family members are the same way.  Relationships get thrown on the backburner when competitors are prepping for a show.  Your support network needs to understand your goals as a competitor and the importance of competing in your life.  You are setting yourself up for a very stressful prep if you are doing something nobody will support you and encourage you to continue.

Just a quick reminder of the obvious: priority check your life before you begin your next show prep.  You will be much more successful with the outcome and have a less stressful prep.  I promise!  J

Next month I want to hear from you.  I want opinions on this years’ pro-qualifying shows.  I want the compliments, complaints, rumors, etc.  Tell me who you think deserved pro-cards and who didn’t.  Feel free to email your own personal experience and know I won’t publish your name-unless you ask me to.  Tell me if you feel someone was over-looked or lost in the shuffle.  Since I chose not to compete this year, I have no right to state an opinion toward or against anyone.  Pictures don’t ever tell the whole story. 

Also, what do you think about the number of pro-cards being awarded in figure?  There are countless figure pro-cards awarded and very few bodybuilding pro-cards.  This definitely seems unfair to bodybuilders; although I know there are many more figure girls than female bodybuilders. 

You can email me at:

I can’t wait to hear all you have to say!!!

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Rebecca Slatt is a national level NPC figure competitor. She has was actively involved with bodybuilding.com and is now with HardFitness.com and will be adding articles every month. You can reach her thru email and ask her questions on the link below


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