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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Colorado Pro - AM

2007 Colorado Pro - AM Review

2007 California Pro and NPC Cal State

2007 California Pro and NPC Cal State Review

2007 NPC Contra Costa

2007 NPC Contra Costa Review

2007 FAME West Review
by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and Tri-Fitness Competitor Darla Benfield

Pictorials Darla Benfield, Danyell Leavitt,
Juliana Malacarne, Tammy Jackson and Shina Mitchell

Pocket-size Buff Beauty Interview with figure competitor Anniina Krökki
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Liane Seiwald

Road to 2007 Jr. Nationals
by Brandie Gardner

Final Testing
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Figure Kelley Greene

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Importance of Sleep
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Roseanne Desmarais



2007 IFBB California Pro and NPC Cal State Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

This time Culver City witnessed a one day show for the California Pro show and Cal State. The Veteran's memorial auditorium was the venue again in an all day event on Saturday.

Juliana Malacarne

The IFBB Portion featured 21 competitors and some of them from other countries including Brazil, Australia, England, Sweden and others. From the get go people had speculated who the winners would be. As we know the IFBB and NPC have changed criteria and are favoring different physiques, small, tight, decent upper body and with not much leg development. It seems that many competitors and fans haven't caught up with this but eventually with seeing the winners people will start understanding what the criteria is. Sonya Adcock looking much like in her Pittsburgh show took first place. Mary Jo Cooke took a close second and in third first time pro Felicia Romero took third. In 4th place Cheri Lewis showcased perhaps her best physique and sneaked on 4th place. Chastity Slone this time placed 5th being edged by Cheri with a marginal point difference.

Sonya Adcock

From the other competitors as always it was noteworthy to see Juliana Malacarne our sponsored competitor for this show. Excellent balance, great conditioning and amazing structure. She is known as the Brazilian Monica Brant in her country. Here in the USA competitions she carries too much muscle and go against the general idea of what the IFBB wants. Just look at her calves and quads and you'll understand. Kristi Tauti brought probably her best physique, dry and sharp and with her good looks could have placed better. Pauline Nordin keeps on knocking on the door and is very close. Nicole Pitcher-Scott is also bringing

Cheri Lewis

in a great condition and shape as well. Zhanna Rotar as always looking good and could have placed a bit better too. Angela Terlesky had a her pro debut here and she brought a great v-taper and conditioning that earned her pro card last year at USA's in Vegas.

The Amateur Figure was much more complex 5

Jessica Troha

classes, no class C included since only 2 competitors fit that height class. In class A Brie Zentil took the class over a very shaped and with good muscle Eva Lee who beat Akane Nigro with a better conditioning. Class B was easy for Elissa Schlichter since her shape was great and also her conditioning. Eve Overland is also an upcoming competitor and took second in B class. Shannon Furstenberg took 3rd place in her first show ever and Frankie Hibberd took 4th and has a lot of potential in this industry. Class D was only 5 competitors and it was easy for Jessica Troha

Elissa Schlichter

to win it, she had taken a lower placing at the Contra Costa. Class E included Maria Rogers who towered over the rest of the competitors. Maria was even taller than Class F winner. Her small waist and small proportions made her well balanced and thus won the class. Allison Busher took second looking well conditioned too and in third Tanya Merryman whose legs are the best in the show. In 4th Lakiesha Williams and in 5th Kelley Green rounded out a good top 5 of competitors that will be out in Nationals soon. Class F was only 6 competitors and Ifeyinwa Nzerem took the class as she had competed here last year and made some improvements. Same thing with second place

Tammy Jackson

Vici Siroky who had also competed last year. Jessica Troha emerged the winner in the overall, good physique and goes well with the new criteria, for sure her conditioning was also good.

In Bodybuilding it was a tough battle and in the lightweights it all seemed fine as only Pamela Barwick competed in it and won her class. Middleweights were tough as Susan Kodaira looked sharp and well proportioned and perhaps the winner but she placed third giving Kelly Dobbins the class. In the Heavyweights the tables were turned from the Contra Costa as Tammy Jackson took first and Danielle Guevara third. Tammy then took the overall as her conditioning was better than Kelly Dobbins'. Shoshana Treichel took Masters bodybuilding over Lindi Ince. In general a very small show for bodybuilding.

Allison Busher

Masters Figure was small and had the same competitors than in open figure. Allison Busher won the overall and took class B over a better and better looking Lakiesha Williams. Noteworthy was the come back of Catherine Sanson who had taken some time of competing.

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