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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Colorado Pro - AM

2007 Colorado Pro - AM Review

2007 California Pro and NPC Cal State

2007 California Pro and NPC Cal State Review

2007 NPC Contra Costa

2007 NPC Contra Costa Review

2007 FAME West Review
by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and Tri-Fitness Competitor Darla Benfield

Pictorials Darla Benfield, Danyell Leavitt,
Juliana Malacarne, Tammy Jackson and Shina Mitchell

Pocket-size Buff Beauty Interview with figure competitor Anniina Krökki
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Liane Seiwald

Road to 2007 Jr. Nationals
by Brandie Gardner

Final Testing
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Figure Kelley Greene

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Importance of Sleep
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Roseanne Desmarais



2007 IFBB Colorado Pro - AM Classic Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Valerie Waugaman

Denver, Colorado hosted the second Colorado Pro show ever. Shawn Ray and Jeff Taylor combined forces and brought together a high quality event. The expo is now bigger and better and hopefully next year this event will bring even more people. Its tough for new shows to continue to live, that is why we need to give them their support.

The pro figure portion had some important

Nicole Pitcher-Scott

names and a larger number of competitors on the list. Only about 24 competed but they were mostly higher quality and better known competitors which made it hard for others to place better. Valerie Waugaman took the show again for the second time in a row with her balance and stage presence. Val has also been bringing in a better conditioning to shows, at this show in contrast with the Arnold she didn't flex her legs. Mary Jo Cooke took second with a better conditioning than the Cal Pro show. Nicole Pitcher-Scott from England took third and for the first time a UK competitor is going to compete at the Olympia. Nicole has paid her due and competed in many shows last year and finally her time has

Heather Mae French

come. Elisha Archibold who resembles more or

Angela Terlesky

less Felicia Romero as far as physique took 4th and Felicia 5th. Another international competitor Ines Jimenez took 6th place with excellent conditioning. Many of the competitors that competed at the California Pro didn't fare better. Noteworthy were some competitors who have excellent balance and conditioning such as Juliana Malacarne who has downsized a bit and Heather Mae French whose symmetry is just close to perfect. We saw a few new faces and some comebacks but in general the show was well done and the venue was very classy. Kudos to the crew that made a platform that facilitated taking photos on stage.

Sarah Hurrle

NPC Figure the AM (amateur) portion included mostly Colorado competitors, it was truly a regional level show. In class A Laura Martinez took first over Anna Claiborne who probably just lost for a few points. At these regional level shows is great to see conditioning as in general balance is a genetic thing. Melissa Sachs took class B, she was petite but she had balance and was very tight. Michele Suszek had a better figure and would fare well at Nationals. In Figure C Jennifer Schumm's prodigy client Sara Hurrle took the class with her balance and tight physique. Heather Grace also was very tight and took second. This class had lots of quality such as Kellie Jackson, Leslie Deucher and Kimberly Hall. Hall could have placed even top 5 with ease. Final class D was all for Brigette Brodski who edged LeeAnn Johnson and Asia Mays. In the end Sara Hurrle took the overall and was surely a fair decision.

Roseanne Desmarais

Bodybuilding was again for this show small, the lightweights were easy as Roseanne Desmarais took first with her sharp conditioning. Traci Karst the only competitor in the middleweights took her class. Giulia Divina took the heavyweights with her size and conditioning. In the end Roseanne Desmarais won the overall it seems that her conditioning and individual muscles and shape were the best.

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