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2006 Europa Show Photos and Results

2006 Europa Show Review

Femsport 2006 Review with Photos
by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Pro Shelby Right

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Pro Shelby Right

Which Suit?
by Linda Cusmano

Today's Techniques
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Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Diana Tinnelle

Ask Misty Green
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Minna Pajulahti Interview
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Shelby Right, Angela Steuber, Tina Chandler, Nola Trimble, Tamara Amend

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jen Thaler

North Americans Contest Prep
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Setting Goals and Achieving Them
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview with NPC Fitness Jessica Rohm


FemSport 2006, Fitness, Strength and Physique Competition Review by JP Erickson

Presented by Body Energy Club

August 26, 2006 - Vancouver, BC

Roseanne Blackburn-Desmarais entered FemSport 2006 looking to defend her championship title and in the process, join Mindi O’Brien as a two-time champion. Unfortunately for Roseanne, figure competitor Emma Callaghan had a plan of her own as she walked away with first-place honors, picking up $300 in cash and $1,300 in merchandise for her efforts.

The show, running for the sixth year in Vancouver, BC, is a combination strength and physique event open to all female athletes from all sports, whether professional or amateur. This year’s edition of FemSport saw 17 competitors hit the stage, including bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors, a wrestler, a pole-vaulter turned figure competitor and a field hockey player.

The show includes a strength component and a physique component, with each counting for 50% of the total score. On the strength side, competitors battled head-to-head in curls (max reps in 60 seconds using 1/3 bodyweight), kettle bell lift and the obstacle course.

In the curls event, Callaghan matched defending champion Blackburn-Desmarais with 60 curls in 60 seconds. Four other competitors blasted out over 50 curls each.

In the kettle bell lift, another closely fought battle saw less than a second separating Jamie Reed’s top time from the next four competitors.

Jamie Reed scored another first-place finish in the obstacle course as she literally ran away with the event, finishing well over three seconds ahead of second-place finisher Carly Taylor. In a very tight race, less than a second separated Taylor from the four competitors behind her.

Despite Reed’s strong showing in the obstacle course and the kettle bell lift, a middle-of-the-pack performance in the curls was enough to drop her into second-place behind Emma Callaghan. 

When the dust had settled at the end of a long day of competition, Emma Callaghan emerged as the 2006 FemSport overall champion.

For complete details on the event, visit the FemSport site at www.femsport.tv.

Final standings:

  1. Emma Callaghan
  2. Jamie Reed
  3. Angela Kromidas
  4. Kira Forster
  5. Roseanne Desmarais
  6. Carly Taylor
  7. Kristina Gaston
  8. Elya McCleave
  9. Lindsay Antonia
  10. Christen Kwan
  11. Leah Berti
  12. Heather Schram
  13. Sigrid Otto
  14. Laurie Fraser
  15. Trisha Klassen
  16. Tracey Dean
  17. Lisa Carpenter

Bryn Potter (no show)

Elya McCleave
Emma Callaghan
Emma Callaghan
Kristina Gaston
Elya McCleave
Kristina Gaston
Kristina Gaston
Kristina Gaston
Leah Berti
Lyndsay Antonia
Yolanta Melanie
Leah Berti
Leah Berti


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