Issue #20


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Europa Show Photos and Results

2006 Europa Show Review

Femsport 2006 Review with Photos
by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Pro Shelby Right

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Pro Shelby Right

Which Suit?
by Linda Cusmano

Today's Techniques
by Jeni Briscoe

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Diana Tinnelle

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Minna Pajulahti Interview
by Kaisa Piippo

Shelby Right, Angela Steuber, Tina Chandler, Nola Trimble, Tamara Amend

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jen Thaler

North Americans Contest Prep
by Becky Clawson

Setting Goals and Achieving Them
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview with NPC Fitness Jessica Rohm


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

One more editorial and one more issue of HardFitness who still stands strong despite any adversities. The people who love the sport and enjoy it so much are the ones who have made this site very strong. Wonderful to know also that many owners of fitness sites spend hours and hours on this site let alone keep an eye on the show reviews. It is people like that help HardFitness be stronger every day.
As more competitors leave the sport other new ones with the same ambitions enter the sport. In a few years these same competitors will exit the stage being their last show and then new ones will come. Sometimes age causes this, sometimes disappointment, sometimes just different factors be it marriage, family, etc.. One thing is certain, for some competitors rather than being just a hobby it is "Death or Glory". And here finally some scans of Musclemag Mexico I have been putting off until now. And yes believe it we give the women much more exposure than almost any magazine in the world. Look at how many pages for a training routine. This could be you too! Keep training.

Unto the Olympia

This is the last editorial before the Olympia and this year rather being in mid or late October the magnonimous event will be held late September / early October. Many things have been told about the outcome specially with the men's bodybuilding. I casually asked Lonnie Teper if Ronnie would win one more Sandow but he said "I wouldn't bet on it!". It will be Davana Medina's last Olympia for sure as she wants to start a family and that could mean the real end. She doesn't really linger around the fitness industry too much so this might be the last time she even hangs around. But for the other people placing up top it could different this year, the Arnold was a statement, so was the NYC Pro and the Colorado Pro. I can only say that if you look at those wins and place their respective winners on stage it will be interesting to see where they place. There are competitors who will be doing their first or second Olympia and who will be doing better this year. We have to remember by now that with all the National shows the NPC/IFBB are really targeting a different look and they aren't afraid to do it. Many other countries still see this sport as a cult sport and will judge accordingly to what they know. They don't see it as a huge potential money maker and keep it that that way. All you have to do is see the glamour behind the shows in the USA and shows in other countries which are devout of any theatrics.
But one thing is sure people are still confused regarding the judging and perhaps after this Olympia they will be more perplexed. Only the future can be the judge, jury and executioner. If we see in 3 years less competitors at Jr. Nationals then the NPC have failed, if there are the same or more they have done a good job. Be cautious about what hotel you stay at the Olympia and what you do there. It will for sure be a great weekend but a hectic one as the Orleans hotel deal has proven to be of strong dislike among attending masses.



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