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2006 Europa Show Photos and Results

2006 Europa Show Review

Femsport 2006 Review with Photos
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20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Pro Shelby Right

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Pro Shelby Right

Which Suit?
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Today's Techniques
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Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Diana Tinnelle

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Minna Pajulahti Interview
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Shelby Right, Angela Steuber, Tina Chandler, Nola Trimble, Tamara Amend

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jen Thaler

North Americans Contest Prep
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Setting Goals and Achieving Them
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview with NPC Fitness Jessica Rohm


Setting goals and achieving them
By Kaisa Piippo

Since Misty wrote about winning attitude a couple of issues back, I thought I would dive deeper into this interesting topic by writing about setting goals and how to work your way into achieving them. Most of you have met those “would, should, BUT” people. Or maybe you’re one of them yourself, one of those who always says you “would like to compete BUT, you should lose a little weight BUT”… I once was, too. There was always the BUT. That’s why I know how to get out of that vicious circle of intentions that never come true.

If you want to reach your goals, you have to learn how to stay organized. It’s important on off-season and even more important, if not essential, on on-season. Learn how to be organized on your off-season and by the time your competition prep starts, it will be your normal routine. It will be easier for you to see what’s happening and when if you make clear plans for the whole year or the next six months ahead of time. And of course, it will be much easier to see if you’re going to the right direction.

So start by writing down your long term goals. How will you know where you’re heading if you don’t know what you want? Make your goals worth working for, but be realistic. If you have just started lifting, most likely you won’t make it to the pro circuits in a year. It’s not only about muscle, it’s about growing as a person also. Eventually you will be ready for whatever it is you’re aiming for!

Next, decide on your monthly goals. It could look something like this:

-Nutrition: clean food, 2000 calories a day, one or two cheat meals a week
-Exercise: lift weights 4 x per week, do plyometrics 1 x per week, do cardio 2 x per week
-Other: practice walking in heels 2 x 20 minutes per week

Then you can go further and plan your weeks. I plan my weeks on Sunday and always write down my weekly plan. I use Excel for this, but you can use a journal, a Word file or anything that you find easiest for you. I work on the computer every day so I like my Excel files the best. That way I know every morning what my plan is for today and where I need to be and at what time. I write down my “to do” lists (which include things to remember for my work also) and my weekly eating and workout plans. This is a real sample of my diet journal:

August 21th to August 27th, diet week 12. 4 weeks out.

To do
AM: cardio 60 minutes, PM: chest, shoulders, triceps and dance class 60 minutes
write thesis: information management process model
AM: Rest, PM: back, biceps and aerobics class 60 minutes
write thesis: intranet plan
AM: cardio 60 minutes, PM: aerobics class 60 minutes
write thesis: intranet plan, write article for Fast
AM: Rest, PM: legs and dance class 60 minutes
remember passport, go get the photos
AM: cardio 60 minutes, PM: shoulders, chest and cardio 30minutes
 send the intranet plan to Terhi
AM: plyometrics & stadiums 30 minutes, cardio 30 minutes, PM: arms
photo shoot with Bodynet.fi
TOTAL: weights x 5, cardio 8.5 hours

Include your nutritional plan with this and it will make time management even easier for you. Make big amounts of healthy and clean meals on weekends. Put your meals in containers and freeze them. That way you only need to pick your meals from the freezer in the morning, put them in a cooler and pop them in a microwave later when it’s lunch or snack time. No excuses why you can’t eat clean even if your work is hectic!

I want to encourage you to really make time for time management – NOT planning could cost you much more time than the time you use for making weekly plans! Make it a weekly routine. You have to keep in mind what is the most important thing to you. Learn to prioritize. Watching that late night movie can not be your priority number one if your goal is to grow muscle and burn fat. You should be sleeping! Make your plans so that all your actions will take you closer to your goals. You have to love what you do, otherwise it will make you bitter to yourself and you will end up hating the goals you never managed to achieve. Remember that whatever the goal is, you have to work hard. There is no single reason that is good enough for those “woulds, coulds and shoulds” anymore!

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About the Author...

Kaisa Piippo

I am an enthusiastic and goal-oriented 23 year old future figure competitor from Finland. Currently I'm getting ready for my first figure competition in April 2006 in Finland. I have been training for the competition for nearly two years. While preparing for my first show I have been living in hot and sunny Arizona. Since it's hard for a foreigner to get a permission to work in the States, I have been studying the fitness industry and lifestyle 24/7. It doesn't always take the competition experience to learn about the sport because being around it teaches a lot too! By all the knowledge I've gathered I now feel confident on stepping on the stage and learning some more about fitness, this time by experiencing the competition excitement myself.

So how to learn fitness in theory? For most of my knowledge I can thank Pakkotoisto.com, energetic NPC fitness athlete Katie Madden and of course the ever informative Hard Fitness!

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