Issue #67


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Angela Smith

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Angela Smith

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Erika Kikuchi

Angela Smith, Jill Rudison, Ginger Reissler, Tamara Ashton, Lindsay Nader

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Noy Alexander

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg




Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Play It Smart

Well by now if you have competed or modeled in this industry for a long time then you should know you are not a millionaire. It seems that most of the females don't really see beyond this industry. No matter what you do its a niche market and even the fitness magazines aren't going to make you famous or put much money in your pocket. Look at someone like Jillian Michaels, she is not the prettiest, hottest or even most fit woman out there but she has done her homework and marketed herself correctly.

Even if this is not your full time job, you still have time to do something with it. For example if Pamela Anderson wanted to make a supplement line she would make more money than some of the current companies. Ms. Olympia now would not be successful like Pamela Anderson would. The number of people that know Pamela Anderson is much higher therefore her name alone would send people to her products.

The other angle that many fitness people take is believing in what other people say. Specially in business, if a model A tells model B that supplement company A is bad because they did all these bad things to her. Model B should be smart enough to realize there are 3 sides to a story, model A's side, supplement company A's side and the actual truth. Whomever can provide proof is who is actually saying the truth, the story might just be that supplement company has a contract saying model A will be paid NET 45 which means 45 days after the invoice is sent or work is done. And let's say model A complained about never getting paid and bashed the company to model B. But the problem started because model A never read the contract she signed but was all about bashing the company. This is a real story actually that happened to a supplement company in the fitness industry. Simple things like this is what makes people unprofessional and not successful, so next time you hear anything analyze it thoroughly If I would listen and believe all the stories I hear about models I would never do any shoots.

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