Issue #61


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Patty Zariello

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Silvana Salvati

Patty Zariello, Kari Williams, Megan Avalon, Clenet Vaughn and Jenny Lynn

Interview with Cristiana Casoni Pro Figure
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Irina Veselova and Robert Samborsky Part 5

Elite Fitness Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Irina Veselova and Robert Samborsky Part 6


Kim's Kounseling Korner by Kimberly Martin

Hi I have a question I read your article on working out with implants. I am 25 yrs old and I have implants under the muscle. I have recently become interested in working out and have a lot of fun doing P90X but my right breast feels and looks funny so I am worried that I might be doing an exercise that can affect my implants, could it be the chest workout? Do you have any suggestions or do you know if there are exercises I shouldn't be doing?


Hi Evelina,

Thanks for your question....first of all, you really should have the doctor that performed your breast augmentation take a look at the breast that looks and feels funny.  You could very well have capsular contraction....scar tissue that has developed and hardened around the implant.  

I can only speak from experience as I do have implants.  I chose to have mine placed over the muscle so as to avoid the problem that a lot of female bodybuilders/fitness enthusiasts encounter.   When the implants are under the muscle and a chest exercise is performed, the implants can be pushed to either side of the chest.  The more developed the pecs are, the worse the problem can be. 

Even though mine are over the muscle I don't go heavy on chest.  I try to maintain the cut down the middle and I achieve that by performing mostly incline flyes, cable flyes, etc....

I suggest you try cutting out any pressing exercises (except maybe high incline) and incorporate flyes into your routine for about a month and see if this solves the problem.  Hope this helps Evelina and good luck!  



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