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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Patty Zariello

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Silvana Salvati

Patty Zariello, Kari Williams, Megan Avalon, Clenet Vaughn and Jenny Lynn

Interview with Cristiana Casoni Pro Figure
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Irina Veselova and Robert Samborsky Part 5

Elite Fitness Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Irina Veselova and Robert Samborsky Part 6


Interview with Cristiana Casoni by Anne Pietila

Photo by Chris Zimmerman

1. Cristiana, first of all I gotta say I am so glad and thrilled that you are back on stages! How are you doing?

- Dear Anne, I am doing very well and so glad to answer in your questions!

2. You have been in the contest world quite a while, don't you? First in fitness and pro fitness, now in Pro Figure. I do remember you did a few shows in 2005 but then you disappeared from pro stages. What happened and why?

- That’s true. I competed a few times during the year 2005 but then I decided to have a longer pause. And that is mostly because of personal reasons. I also had quite a lot happening in my life. I moved to another city witty my husband and we opened a state of the art gym. It was simply better to not compete during that time.

3. Anyway, last year you came back. How did it felt to come back after so many years’ pause in pro circus and what did you expect beforehand, specially after the awarded look had changed in pro figure during the time you were gone?

- To be honest, it was actually quite a difficult process to come back after a longer pause. But I did my best to change and upgrade my look and the whole package to the direction which had been awarded at pro figure shows during the last years. I was following the pro circus all the time and observing what is happening there and tried my best to achieve the ideal of this new criteria. I was inspired by the best girls of the moment.

4. You looked totally phenomenal last fall and I gotta say I really liked the look you brought and so did the judges even though many would have placed you much better. You placed 5th at Atlantic City Pro in masters’ class and 7th in open class and also placed in TOP 10 at Kentucky show. How would you comment these contests, your placements and whole come back fall? Were you satisfied?

- Honestly I hoped to do better at these shows and really wished for better placements but I accepted the judgment and the decisions the judges made as I always respect them. And well, all the other girls looked simply phenomenal.

5. You also sent your application in to Figure International. When the lists came out first, your name was not there. Comments?

- Obviously I was disappointed and even felt a bit sad because of it as I really hoped to get invited. But I did not complain. I mean Figure International is a huge contest and I do know that there are many many girls applying and there is a hard competition to just to get invited. So I accepted it.

Photo by Chris Zimmerman

6. But then something cooool happened. Just a few weeks ago they added YOUR name in the competitor list of Figure I afterwards. Huh, now comments?

- It is difficult to describe those feelings with words. But I sure was first of all really surprised, also super super happy and at the same time, very proud. 

7. That is awesome and I am thrilled to see you in that line up! But you are not the first timer in Arnold classic, right?

- Right! I competed in Arnold Classic in 1998, in Fitness. It felt a bit unreal to get invited again after so many years, didn't expect that actually.

8. So this is your very first Figure International contest and you are just a few weeks out. What are your thoughts and feelings right now concerning becoming contest? What kind of contest you expect?

- I am simply training and working hard right now and the following weeks before the show. I am extremely focused and I don’t want to let any thoughts of placements and results distract me and what I am doing. All I can say is that the line up will be really competitive and the level of this contest is so HIGH!!! I am sure all the girls want to bring their very best at this show and the stage will be crowded with physique excellence.

Photo by Chris Zimmerman

9. What about your goal both concerning placement and your own package?

- Like I said, I don't want to think too much of any placements beforehand. But I certainly don't want to be the last one in result list, that’s for sure, heh! What it comes to my own package, my goal is simply to look my best ever and just to do this show. That is all.

10. There have been many previews online already and people are guessing TOP threes. Now girl, how does your  2010 Figure International TOP 3 look like? Make a guess!

- In my TOP 3 are Heather Mae French, Erin Stern and Monica Brant. These girls I would like to see in top!

11. So, what kind of Cristiana we will see then on stage? Same as in fall or did you some changes in your package?

- Well, well… I can't say a word right now as I'm working on it. At the moment it's a little secret and I hope it will be a positive surprise.

Cristiana Casoni

12. What about other plans for this year? There are quite a few pro figure contests during this year too, what contests you have planned to attend?

- I haven’t decided yet but I have planned to do a few shows in July or August.

13. Besides contests, any other interesting projects in figure world coming up for you?

- There are quite a few projects going on. Some interesting photoshoots which I am looking forward and a few special appearances and besides those, a nice project with one television channel / sports program.

Cristiana Casoni

14. Thank you for this interview. We wish you all the best luck at Figure International, becoming shows and in your whole life. Anything you want to add?

- Thank you so much for this and I hope to meet you soon! But first I want to thank my gorgeous husband Mauro Sassi for his all support and help. Then a huge thank to Mr Benedetto Mondello, president of IFBB Italy, for believing in me.

Cristiana Casoni


Love from Cristiana Casoni.




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