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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2008 Europa Super Show

2008 North Americans Photos and Results

2008 North Americans Review

2008 Team Universe and NYC Pro Photos and Results

2008 Team Universe and NYC Pro Review

2008 CBBF B.C.
Provincials Review

by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Maria Kapinos

Nelli Tsyshkevich Interview
by Anne Pietila

PictorialsMaria Kapinos, Bethany Karlin, Ana Sanchez, Devon Michaels, Samantha Kelly

Video Interview with CBBF Bodybuilder Mary Lynne MacKenzie

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with CBBF Bodybuilder Jody Wald

Smaller Snacks Bigger Bellies
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview
with NPC Bodybuilder Christina Rhodes


2008 NPC Team Universe and NYC IFBB Pro Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

New York brought in again another important show, a large number of competitors were at this again going for the most pro cards handed out in an individual show.

Zivile Raudoniene

The Pro Figure was all friday after the fitness routines and included an amalgam of competitors with all different looks and shapes. Zivile Raudoniene won the show again, Julie Ann Kulla took 2nd and Jelena Abbou took 3rd. The new criteria is full on showing smaller structures and less conditioning. We have seen all these ladies come in more conditioned but the IFBB just doesn't want that. Houng Arcinas took 4th and probably suffers from having good muscle quality given also her short height. Candice John crept up in 5th place given that she hasn't done too many shows. Few interesting bodies were Juliana Malacarne, Larissa Reis, Tana Clough and Serena Cooper. They gravitate towards a more stronger and fuller shape but no doubt they are very impressive. Malacarne always comes in with that small waist and no matter what she does great conditioning. Serena Cooper is simply "The Truth" great lines and details but again more muscular than what the IFBB is looking for. Serena earned her pro card in 2006 Canadian Nationals in Edmonton.

Sherlyn Roy

Class A was for Sherlyn Roy from California who also took overall home. In second place also earning a pro card was another California competitor Carin Hawkins who hasn't been competing that long at all. In third Ann Claiborne, 4th Paige Oliver who won North Americans class A a week earlier and Debra Lavette in 5th. Mandy Henderson and Akane Nigro were right there at the edge almost in top 5 and also both are California competitors.

Melody Clere

Class B was for Melody Clere who was changed her body to adhere to the new criteria and took the class. In second Liza Kamptra from Colorado got the second pro card. Third was for Candice Houston who did really well at USA's and placed well even when she carries a lot of good quality muscle and great legs. Soleivi Hernandez took 4th and was less muscular for this show given the new criteria. And in 5th was Danielle Agrapides. Note Ann Pratt was 6th but she could have taken a pro card with such ease, she will come back and get it soon. Also Tiffany Procopio looked great, she carries muscle but does it well. Jennifer Kline too is someone that will be doing very well in such a short time she has competed. Wendy Tedesco is another competitor that caught my eye. Nicole Rubinoux again another competitor that with time will surely shows us greatness, great lower body muscle.

Cynthia Herndon

Class C was large and Cynthia Herndon with good muscle and conditioning won the class, in second and now pro too was Jessica Clay who also competed in fitness. Debra Dunn was third, Pamela Soper 4th and Emily Nicholson 5th. Note Chelsey Morgenstern is only 21 years old and will be a force to reckon in the future. The new criteria really serves her well. Bea Fox is another body that carries muscle but looks amazing too. Katrina Robinson came back from last year and didn't place as well, but in these shows with a large number of competitors in your class you could get lost in the shuffle.

Alicia Harris

Class D was for Colorado's Alicia Harris who is prepped by superstar trainer and wonderful model Chaundra Tangi. Second was for Jennifer Toth who nailed a better conditioning for this show. Mary Anne Newman in third, Terri Tuner with her great looks in 4th and Danielle Kifer in 5th. Kristy McKinney is another competitor who could have crept in here and was looking very amazing at earlier shows in the year.

Michelle Craven

Class E Michelle Craven took one pro card, Natalie Calland took the second one and finally she did it, has been many shows and it paid off. Stephanie McDonald took 3rd, Tara Zito displaying a good physique in 4th and Holly Powell in 5th place. Holly is right up there and is very close to her pro card. Jaime Meade and Melissa Deal were also looking very good and will be contenders in next shows they compete at. Melissa Thalhammer is my pick for the next shows, at Jr. Nationals 2007 she came in with an unbeatable look and has a superb amazing structure. She will hopefully bring the hammer down! Dawnice Beckley is too another competitor that has a look that satisfies the new criteria and she could easily creep up there in top 5.

Alicia Marie

Class F was for Alicia Marie and MJ Fox, both pros now and Alicia who is with our buddies from BSN. Courtney West took third and showed a great potential, excellent shape and is a contender for the future. Monique Minton took 4th and Christian Hammond 5th. Jeanne Nimmer took 6th and she was adhering more to the new criteria, but she can really bring it on.

Nita Marquez

Fitness A was for Nita Marquez who finally got her pro card after coming back from retirement. Being so short the physique round has always been a challenge for her given her muscle but with a new routine she nailed the card and even an overall. When you persevere you win. The other card went to Rose Hendricks who looked absolutely phenomenal and out of this world, great routine too. Paige Oliver in 3rd, the teen Victoria Larvie in 4th and Paula Williams in 5th.

Jessica Clay

Fitness B was for Jessica Clay who also won her pro card in figure. Safiya Johnson took second and also pro card. She now joins her sister Tanji in the pro ranks. Lishia Dean in third, Erin Nomura in 4th and Cinzia Clapp in 5th. Particularly Desiree Walker was someone I thought had some good moves and a good future in this sport.

Jo Marriner

Fitness C Jo Marriner took the pro card and first place giving a lesson in how to perform a fitness routine. Most pros at the Olympia would not even get close to what this lady can do with her body. Amanda Marinelli took second and had a very fiery routine. Sandi Stuart took 3rd and she is right there, very close. Pam Graef took 4th, Jill Brooks 5th and Lauren Niehaus 6th.

Cassandra Floyd

Bodybuilding had a few competitors, in lightweight Kim Landry showed her class and took the class. Rochelle Palko was a close second. In middleweight Cassandra Floyd won the class and overall. Shelli Schinkus took second and Ellen Woodley third. Heavyweights was Leann Scelfo who was ripped, Shawna Walker was looking her best and just great looks and body. This girl should be a pro soon. Holly Baccola is another great looking female bodybuilder that can change the sport.

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