Issue #44


by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2008 Europa Super Show

2008 North Americans Photos and Results

2008 North Americans Review

2008 Team Universe and NYC Pro Photos and Results

2008 Team Universe and NYC Pro Review

2008 CBBF B.C.
Provincials Review

by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Maria Kapinos

Nelli Tsyshkevich Interview
by Anne Pietila

Maria Kapinos, Bethany Karlin, Ana Sanchez, Devon Michaels, Samantha Kelly

Video Interview with CBBF Bodybuilder Mary Lynne MacKenzie

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with CBBF Bodybuilder Jody Wald

Smaller Snacks Bigger Bellies
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview
with NPC Bodybuilder Christina Rhodes


Ask Misty by Misty Green

I’ve been looking for a way to challenge myself with my leg work out as well as my cardio. I find that I not only get into a rut but need something to basically kick me into high gear and also to help me with time constraint issues. I enjoy the plyometric workouts you’ve shared. Is there anything you have up your sleeve that combines legs and plyometrics?

Suzy, NM

Misty Green

It seems that there are quite a few of you that want to change things up but also want to challenge yourselves. I’ve been picking my brain on similar emails as the one above to provide to all of you something unique. I had spent some time with a very good friend of mine recently and came across some interesting ideas. So, the following is what I came up with to incorporate what most of you seem to be looking for! As always, feel free to email me with your feedback on the workout or any additional suggestions!

Lower Body Circuit Training:

Start with 10 min on treadmill (5 min warming up; next 5min at the highest incline at about 3.5 speed)

Dumbbell Walking Lunges (50 reps; choose challenging weight for you)

Bench Jumps (50 reps each leg)

Treadmill (5min highest incline; 3.5 speed)

Burpees (20 reps; refer to issue #11 for technique)

Straight leg dumbbell lift / dumbbell Romanian dead lift (50 reps; choose challenging weight for you)

Fast Feet Box Drill (1min; refer to issue #11 for technique)

Box Step w/Knee Drive (2min; issue #11 for technique)

Box Tuck Jumps (20 reps; issue #11 for technique)

REPEAT for a total of 3 times

Cool down 15 minutes when finished!

This is a fairly intense workout so take your time and don’t get frustrated if you find you can only go through it once of twice the first few times. Pace yourself and enjoy the challenge!

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.” Abraham Lincoln

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Being a competitive track star, Misty decided to compete and is very close to obtaining her pro card. She impressed many at the 2005 Emerald Cup and Jr. Nationals in Chicago. Next year she will be looking to get her pro card. Misty's track background and strong plyometric techniques have made her legs stand out from all other competitors. The article here is a classic HardFitness read so enjoy and learn.

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