Issue #44


by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2008 Europa Super Show

2008 North Americans Photos and Results

2008 North Americans Review

2008 Team Universe and NYC Pro Photos and Results

2008 Team Universe and NYC Pro Review

2008 CBBF B.C.
Provincials Review

by JP Erickson

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Maria Kapinos

Nelli Tsyshkevich Interview
by Anne Pietila

Maria Kapinos, Bethany Karlin, Ana Sanchez, Devon Michaels, Samantha Kelly

Video Interview with CBBF Bodybuilder Mary Lynne MacKenzie

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with CBBF Bodybuilder Jody Wald

Smaller Snacks Bigger Bellies
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview
with NPC Bodybuilder Christina Rhodes


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Almost over, after two big National shows only one left for figure and is going to be massive. Take your gallons of water and diet food because it could prove to be a gigantic show.

Hardfitness Olympia Booth and Model Search.

The new 2009 calendar will be out soon just in time for the Olympia, Another 13th month Calendar with a new design and more photos for each model. We also hope to have some of the models at our booth. A tentative list is: Michele Levesque, April Fortier, Christina Salvani, Lesley Stamper, Samantha Kelly, Amy Pierro and Melissa Johnsen.
We will be selling T-shirts and also promoting the model search in November 8th at the New Jersey state. You can check the flyer here. Winners will receive cash prizes, top 3 and will also be used on a layout for Muscleman Mexico and given a spot on the 2010 Hardfitness Calendar. Criteria will be explained on the model search page: http://www.hardfitness.com/modelsearch2008.html
But the criteria will be about finding a good physique with good looks that can photograph well.

NJ State Show
Model Search

The Root of all evil

Money is the root of all evil, it don't matter what moral values people have, many will disregard them for the green pieces of paper we call dollars. Few instances I can remember when money was not the most important thing. Business is business which totally fine, follow what agreements you sign but it is greed that can be a problem. The basic need for a poor man is to eat, sleep and be healthy. If given something precious they will sell it as they need money. But when someone has filled those basic needs and offers something on a higher price it is business unless they don't run a business and know they have something valuable others want. Still if they own it they can set a price. From photos to modeling rates to products to services. I do remember one particular episode from Kojak the original with Telly Savalas that involved a unscrupulous stamp seller who even committed murder and burned a one of the pair of twin stamps that was worth thousands of dollars just to make the remaining one more valuable. A true crime based on greed and all this just to sell it to a real collector who loved the collecting stamps hobby.  But all in all it is the change in people once money is a factor, a female friend of mine recently had agreed to share a room with another competitor to divide costs for both. The other competitor flaked out that same day at check-in when offered a place to stay for free, rather than keeping the commitment. Similar situations will occur when people are not educated and will be unprofessional. If you are a model and you sign something make sure you never ever come back and try to dispute it as that would be totally unprofessional.

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