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2005 Canadian Fitness/Figure Nationals Contest Coverage

2005 Emerald Cup Contest Coverage

2005 Canadian Fitness/Figure Nationals Review
by HardFitness

2005 Emerald Cup Review
by HardFitness

Canada's New IFBB Figure Pro Tammy Strome Video Interview

Cover Model Search Results by HardFitness

Breast Implants Before and After
by Shelly Pinkerton

Chest Training by Sandra Wickham

Back Training Video
by Jamie Senuk

Gina Aliotti's Prep for the San Diego World Gym Classic
by Gina Aliotti

3 weeks and counting for the Pittsburgh NPC Fitness
by Kristi Wills

Video Interview with our Cover Model Search Winner Antonia Grady

Brittany Thorsch, Mindi O'Brien, Mavis Tozzi, Antonia Grady, Christine Roth and Melissa Dettwiller

Self Tanning an Alternative includes Video Footage
by Troy Landerville on Shelly Leversage

From Powerlifting to Figure
by Traci Saba

What National Level Judges are looking for a Video with CBBF Judge Chris Yakimchuk (Model: Nina Luchka)

Carb Cycling
by Shelly Pinkerton

20 questions with our Cover Model Antonia Grady

Max Muscle at Bellevue posing seminar with Pete Grubbs, Tanji Johnson and Jason Troll


Breast Implants: Training Before & After
by Shelly Pinkerton

When I made the decision to get my breast augmentation surgery, I had only one concern with my exercise regimen – how soon after the surgery could I get back to it! I was not a figure competitor at the time, but I was every bit as physically active as I am now, and weight-lifting was an important part of my lifestyle. As you know, there are several pros and cons to consider when contemplating breast augmentation, but specifically, for figure competitors and bodybuilders, these points need to be taken into a little more serious consideration.

Your first decision has to be what type – saline or silicone. Both types are now approved as safe by the Food & Drug Administration, so it comes down to a matter of personal choice. There is also another type new on the market The second decision is usually what size; most doctors recommend going bigger than what a lot of women first say they want, and this is mainly based on the fact that so many patients return after the fact to have their implants replaced with larger ones. This size issue is something to take into extra consideration as a competitor in a cosmetic sport like figure, fitness or bodybuilding. Size is key to trying to get that perfect symmetry and balance between the upper and lower body; that basic hourglass shape is what judges look for, so the breasts need to be big enough to get that balance, yet at the same time, going too large can be overwhelming, especially on a small frame. This also leads into the third most important decision, and that is whether to go on top of the chest muscles or under with the implants. Both have their good and bad sides. Going under the muscle can be a more natural look because the pectorals are sloped over the implant; however, the build up of scar tissue is said to be more likely when going under the muscle because of the deeper surgery. Going on top of the chest muscle is a simpler procedure, and some say involves less recovery time, but without the anchoring of the chest muscle, the implant can migrate to other areas on the chest. This not only pulls your symmetry completely out of proportion, but usually involves additional surgery to correct the problem. Make sure you discuss with your doctor, if you are just going in for the first time, what your sport is and let him/her make the best recommendation for you.

Weight training and intense exercise can also affect your implants. Too much chest work can cause hardening of the capsule of the implant, commonly known as capsular contraction. Also, the types of exercises you perform for chest work can have an impact on how the implant behaves in your body. It is helpful to gently massage around the breast after a chest workout, to help keep the capsule pliable and soft and to keep hard scar tissue from forming. As far as differences in ability and performance before and after having implants, every person has a different experience. One IFBB Figure pro I talked to said she found she seemed to have more chest strength after she got her implants. Personally, I didn't notice a difference in strength or ability; the main thing I experienced was simply getting used to working around larger breasts! I distinctly remember needing to get used to the feel of my new breasts brushing against the sides of my arms. Another effect I personally need to work with is fitting the top of my two-piece suit properly in order not to have it look cock-eyed or twisted when I hit my front pose on stage during competition. Twisting happens because usually (and normally) breasts are not identical in shape or size, naturally or with implants. This, combined with how your chest has developed around your implant with training, can really throw your symmetry off, and can be the difference between a higher or lower placing in the judging. Make sure you practice your posing in your competition suit to check for this twisting or hitching, and correct the problem either with the style of suit top you have or by using Bikini Bite to anchor it in place. Also, be careful not to overwork your chest, which for figure competitors is usually not a problem. Last but not least, always remember to keep your breasts healthy by doing regular self-exams to check for odd lumps and bumps that do not seem normal.

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About the Author...

Shelly Pinkerton CPFT & National-level Figure Competitor

I grew up in rural northern California where extracurricular activities were few and far between - I can remember my mom driving two to three hours a day to get me to gymnastics and ballet lessons. Naturally athletic and blessed with good genetics, I involved myself in all school sports and cheerleading, and when I started college at CSU, Chico, I found myself joining my first gym and learning about weight training – I was hooked!

After my son was born in 1992 I became certified to teach group fitness and shortly after attained my personal training certification. I have been working with people to improve their lifestyles ever since. In 2004, after a difficult move to Southern California, I accepted a new challenge – figure competing – and found renewed personal satisfaction and success. I plan to continue to share my passion for fitness with others by helping them develop their own happy, healthy lifestyle through my personal training business, BodyWise Total Fitness, and through my experiences in figure competing.

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