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by HardFitness

2005 Canadian Fitness/Figure Nationals Contest Coverage

2005 Emerald Cup Contest Coverage

2005 Canadian Fitness/Figure Nationals Review
by HardFitness

2005 Emerald Cup Review
by HardFitness

Canada's New IFBB Figure Pro Tammy Strome Video Interview

Cover Model Search Results by HardFitness

Breast Implants Before and After
by Shelly Pinkerton

Chest Training by Sandra Wickham

Back Training Video
by Jamie Senuk

Gina Aliotti's Prep for the San Diego World Gym Classic
by Gina Aliotti

3 weeks and counting for the Pittsburgh NPC Fitness
by Kristi Wills

Video Interview with our Cover Model Search Winner Antonia Grady

Brittany Thorsch, Mindi O'Brien, Mavis Tozzi, Antonia Grady, Christine Roth and Melissa Dettwiller

Self Tanning an Alternative includes Video Footage
by Troy Landerville on Shelly Leversage

From Powerlifting to Figure
by Traci Saba

What National Level Judges are looking for a Video with CBBF Judge Chris Yakimchuk (Model: Nina Luchka)

Carb Cycling
by Shelly Pinkerton

20 questions with our Cover Model Antonia Grady

Max Muscle at Bellevue posing seminar with Pete Grubbs, Tanji Johnson and Jason Troll


2005 Canadian Fitness, Figure Nationals Review

Winnipeg, Manitoba was the location this year for Nationals in Canada. Winnipeg was far from being a real city, people at customs behaved as if they were from a small farm town. Most competitors I spoke with weren't crazy about Winnipeg either. The city was old, run down and even dirty. And to make the matters worse it was cold from about 30F to 50F degrees all the time. Few people ventured shooting outside and only at one point it was about 60F in the day. The venue itself was small but well suited for the number of competitors and people attending. There wasn't much booth work and not much people in general. The largest number of competitors were from Alberta and only two or three from Ontario. This was a problem with the promoter, the fact that the show was actually set before provincials greatly affected the number of competitors. The hotel was within walking distance from the venue and the hotel was well suited with a small fitness room and also a indoor pool that served well for photoshoots.

Antonia Grady

Prejudging ran from 9am till 11:20pm. I remember looking at my cell phone and not believing how fast prejudging went. 25 figure and 17 fitness competitors was a small number. There was good quality of course but it was pretty clear who were going to be top 5. One figure class was only 2 girls. So that tells you that the numbers we surely much easier for judges.

Myriam Capes

Beginning with Fitness short Antonia Grady brought a very shapely physique unto the stage, extremely pleasing to the eye. Tracey MacDonald also had a great physique but I heard from judges she came in to ripped. The routines easy to judges as Myriam Capes totally and absolutely took over the show. No other routine was close to the level of difficulty and showmanship this ex-gymnast displayed. Being fitness the discipline most people gossiped the cedar winner would be Myriam. Fitness tall Jamie Senuk looked incredible her physique with her V-taper was stunning. The routines were good for the tall class but Myriam Capes was still on people's minds. For the fitness tall class local competitor Christina Mehling beat Alberta's Jamie Senuk by one point. And also beat Myriam Capes for the overall in fitness thus earning the only Fitness Pro Card. Christina probably does have better lines but routine-wise Myriam Capes can hold her own with the Pros such as Kelly Ryan and Stacy Hylton.


Tammy Strome

With figure it looked like judges were looking for muscular yet symmetric physiques. Jill St. Laurent bringing a very muscular physique took medium class over the more muscular Emmanuela Pintus. Trina Gillis took third and notably the top 3 in the medium class were all ex-bodybuilders. Tall class was very tough because Nina Luchka last year's class winner was up against Tammy Strome again. Tammy brought in a tighter physique and judges awarded that. Nina still looked amazing and will be getting her pro card very soon. Tammy was very excited to get her pro card and will be competing the IFBB ranks very shortly.

Jill St. Laurent
Trina Gillis









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