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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals

2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals Review

2006 OCB Charm City Classic Review
by Aleksey Kashtelyan

20 Questions with Cover Model IFBB Fitness Pro Summer Montabone

Jenny Lynn New Ms. Figure Olympia Interview

Pictorials Summer Montabone, Elena Seiple, Amy Villa-Nelson, Lisa Bickels and Krissy Murrell

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Competitor Elena Seiple

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Brandie Garner NPC Figure Interview

Video Interview with NPC Figure Trina Goosby

Tanji Johnson Posing DVD Review
by Kaisa Piippo

Life Beyond the Stage by Brittany Thorsch

Video Interview with NPC Fitness N'Keigh Miles



2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals by Juan Carlos Lopez, Notes by Sonya Bruce IFBB Fitness Pro

Nicole Duncan

Miami Beach was the place of rendezvous for this year's edition of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals. Promoter Pam Betz rotates this show from Dallas to Atlanta to Miami Beach and back to Dallas for 2007. It would be great if the show was in Miami Beach every year it really provides a more suitable atmosphere of relaxation doe photoshoot locations for both competitors and photographers. Also the weather is much better than Dallas and way ahead of Atlanta.

Fitness was prejudged on Friday on the one piece showcasing a very small lineup compared to the previous years. Some bigger names which were very close to the coveted pro card were missing Breean Robinson, Alicia Carpio, Sara Flom and the golden gem Kristi Wills who might have quit fitness altogether. The physiques this year weren't as muscular which means the 20% rule and the NPC's adamant new criteria has worked but then again the numbers are down. Check the editorial for more about this.

Victoria Larvie

Fitness A was taken by Nicole Duncan who performed the best routine, most energetic, entertaining and with great moves. Nicole came in sharper on her physique this time coupling her best package and routine. This gave her first place over Michelle Theison (2nd) who had the better physique. Notable was Victoria Larvie who at 15 years old now brings an excellent routine, given her age her physique might not reach the low body fat levels that most competitors do but how many fitness competitors looked like her at that age? Victoria is HardFitness' pick for the future of this sport!

Amy Villa-Nelson

Fitness B was taken by Amy Villa-Nelson who brought a very lean package, probably the best physique on stage this winning the overall. Her routine was powerful and very entertaining lying above the rest of the competitors. Angela English took 2nd and as always brings a lean package and good routine. Colleen Baldwin with a strong dance background crept up on the physique and routine rounds. Tina Durkin who has a killer physique will probably get her card in 2007. Katie Madden also has to be mentioned as far as the physique as she always excels in this area.

Liza Hughes

Fitness C was easily taken by Liza Hughes who had competed back and forth in figure and fitness. Her routine was probably one of the most entertaining and with excellent presentation. Amanda Polk took second presenting her best physique ever. Michelle Mayberry was right there close enough and perhaps the routine might have been the deciding factor as we know Michelle has an excellent balanced body. Noteworthy was Nicole Wilkins who excelled on the physique rounds and Lena Squarcifiaco who presented a strong routine full of strength moves that few competitors can do. Lena has also dabbled with bodybuilding at Nationals.

Jamie Troxel

Bodybuilding brought the largest number in a few years, 4 weight classes were in store for the crowd assembled at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. Lightweights was taken by Jamie Troxel who last year took a debated second after Carla Salotti. Jamie who lives in Japan presented a good feminine package and good conditioning. Barbara Fletcher was second and was in great shape, her best ever, at her short height she was able to look balanced, conditioned and with a great amount of muscle. Tera Guzman again was right up there and should come back next year. Galina Serdtsev was a great surprise, smaller but very well conditioned. Noteworthy was Jodi Miller doing her first year of bodybuilding and placing top 10 in a National level shows

Lisa Bickels

Middleweights was taken by Lisa Bickels who after a stint on the figure stage took back bodybuilding by the horns won her class and got her IFBB Pro card. Lisa showcased more than anything excellent presentation with both conditioning and great looks. Impressive Puerto Rican Yahaira Agosto took second, shredded to the bone and with great mass. Britt Miller took third, another smaller but feminine FBBs. Up and coming Jennifer Sedia took 4th edging Tina Chandler who was sharper at USA's.

Debi Laszewski

Lightheavys' was the most interesting class Debi Laszewski earned her pro card by coming less conditioned and thanks to the expert work of Tim Gardner. Elena Seiple who was very conditioned and had come back with trainer Justin Harris for this show. It was a big showdown as Elena was better conditioned than Debi but it seems judges awarded Debi's physique as she brought down her conditioning for this show. Added to the mix was Kristy Hawkins who brought the most shredded package on stage with striated glutes beyond most fbbs dreams. Angie Salvagno took 4th and Amy Neal 5th. 2007 Nationals will be another great show

Lora Ottenad

Heavyweights finally saw Lora Ottenad win her pro card after a couple of National shows. Beverly DiRenzo who improved her conditioning after USA's. Sheila Bleck had the shape but not as conditioned as we have seen her. Gale Frankie was really impressive and could have placed higher. Theresa Hendricks was simply impressive again showing good lines, feminine looks and great routine. In 6th place we saw Jennifer Gutierrez who will be one of the rising stars next year.



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