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2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals

2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals Review

2006 OCB Charm City Classic Review
by Aleksey Kashtelyan

20 Questions with Cover Model IFBB Fitness Pro Summer Montabone

Jenny Lynn New Ms. Figure Olympia Interview

Pictorials Summer Montabone, Elena Seiple, Amy Villa-Nelson, Lisa Bickels and Krissy Murrell

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Competitor Elena Seiple

Ask Misty Green
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Brandie Garner NPC Figure Interview

Video Interview with NPC Figure Trina Goosby

Tanji Johnson Posing DVD Review
by Kaisa Piippo

Life Beyond the Stage by Brittany Thorsch

Video Interview with NPC Fitness N'Keigh Miles



Life Beyond Stage by Brittany Thorsch

Brittany Thorsch

In my years of competing and being in the industry I have noticed a very common thing among models and competitors. No matter how much they have transformed their bodies, no matter how many magazines they have been in it’s never enough. This past year I have taken a step back from competing to rediscover why we do what we do. To appreciate the little things in life and give back to those who are less fortunate. To build a career and foundation with more than my appearance, to grow and expand my mind, to meet new people from around the world and reconnect with old.
First of all I have been very blessed throughout my career and value the years I have spent both on and off the stage in the fitness world. It has given me the backbone and notoriety to pursue my dreams on a whole other level.

Brittany Thorsch

After completing my last show which was the Sacramento Pro Fitness I felt the need for growth, education and expansion both physically and spiritually. I spent two months attending Make Up Designory in Burbank,CA where I gained my professional make-up artist certification. With this I revamped my business into a total image consulting company Fit Images. Now I offer not only personal training/nutrition, lifestyle management but competition preparation, specializing in presentation.
This past year I have also spent some time in Europe traveling through Spain, France and Italy. Experiencing other cultures and ways of life helps you keep and open mind and appreciate all aspects of life. Returning from Europe I pursued a position with I-Force Nutrition a great Sports Performance line taking off in todays market. I head up the Athlete Program and am one of the head sales reps.  I was given some advice from a mentor of mine within the industry and he told be that if I wanted to have longevity and a solid career within the industry to focus on the business side of the supplement companies eg. Sales and marketing. Being in this position has also given me the chance to help other upcoming athletes and give them the exposure they need.

Brittany Thorsch

Continuing on from here I wanted to invest some time in my community. Schools are severely lacking in physical education programs and my vision is to change the face of fitness in todays youth within the schools. At the beginning of this year I found the Athletes For Education organization. I proposed my program to Steven Hanes the head of AFE, and over the course of the year volunteered at numerous events to begin networking and learning what developing my program would entail. AFE is an amazing organization of volunteers, professional athletes and educators who give of themselves unconditionally to make a difference in the world, to give our adolescents the support they need.
Following is an overview of my program Fit Images for Life which will be launched next year.
The mission of Fit Images for Life is to create life-skills activity based after school programs. FIL is on a quest to educate and encourage healthy living and a positive image from the inside out. All young teens need positive role models growing up and I am bringing a team of powerful admirable women to offer that to our schools. From athletes, models, image consultants and professionals, these women will be the backbone of many teens and become the mentors our society needs.

Fit Images For Life

Fit Images for Life will help young women master the art of self-confidence, self-esteem and give them the tools needed to tackle their dreams head on.. The media plays a huge role in influencing teens choices, resulting in negative body images, eating disorders, crash diets, the “super size” me trend, drugs, alcohol and teen pregnancies. Today’s schools are severely lacking the funding and programs that emphasize physical activity, healthy living and a positive image. These foundational components are the keys to a bright future, the keys to life. The programs will be comprised of physical activities, nutritional education, goal setting, team building exercises and after school tutoring. The success of such programs within youth relies heavily on positive reinforcement. This will be encouraged through reward programs, parental involvement and education.
Brittany Thorsch's vision is to create a powerful force in today’s schools and give the students the opportunity to be the best that they can be. To decrease teen pregnancy, high school drop out rates and to create tomorrows leaders, professionals & role models. These are just a few of the reward programs to be implemented.

Fit Images for Life Fitness Camps – Reward camps for exceptional students, students showing great improvement and students who contribute to the advancement and well being and of peers and or the community. 

Scholarship Programs – For Exceptional Female Athletes & Student Ambassadors heavily involved in extra curricular activities.

Brittany Thorsch at the Olympia

My first event to raise the funds for my program is the Kassim Osgood Celebrity Golf Classic to be held in Las Vegas Nevada over the NBA all star week. Proceeds from this event will help fund Fit Images for life as well as Team K.O. We will have participating athletes from the NFL, NBA, PGA and much more. The event will conclude with a raffle and silent auction of donated sports memorabilia, trips and various merchandise. If you and or your company would like more information on participating in this event or are interested in making a donation product please contact me at britt_thorsch@hotmail.com or Steven at afe@cox.net.

Please take the time to share your gifts with others, be proud of your accomplishments, never lose sight of your dreams and enjoy each step of the way. Many Blessings!

iForce Nutrition

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Brittany Thorsch is an IFBB Fitness Pro, Published Fitness Model, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition and Supplementation


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