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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals

2006 Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals Review

2006 OCB Charm City Classic Review
by Aleksey Kashtelyan

20 Questions with Cover Model IFBB Fitness Pro Summer Montabone

Jenny Lynn New Ms. Figure Olympia Interview

Pictorials Summer Montabone, Elena Seiple, Amy Villa-Nelson, Lisa Bickels and Krissy Murrell

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Competitor Elena Seiple

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Brandie Garner NPC Figure Interview

Video Interview with NPC Figure Trina Goosby

Tanji Johnson Posing DVD Review
by Kaisa Piippo

Life Beyond the Stage by Brittany Thorsch

Video Interview with NPC Fitness N'Keigh Miles



Jenny Lynn Ms. Figure Olympia Interview

1. First of all congrats to you on the Ms. Figure Olympia title. What was your reaction on stage when you were announced the winner?  How do you feel now? 

Thrilled for sure!!  It is amazing to simply be on the Olympia stage with those beautiful women, let alone win this contest. It still feels very surreal and I couldn't feel more blessed.

2. How does being Ms. Figure Olympia change your personal and professional life? 

I don't think it's changing my personal life any....Blair says I've always been the queen of the house...ha ha ha!!  And aside from quite a bit of e-mail, I don't think my professional life has changed at all either.  I've always stayed very busy, that's inherent in my personality.  So I welcome any extra appearances or clients that are generated from the exposure.

3. What aspects of your training did you change for this show? Did you feel you brought a better package than last year?

Having my legs in balanced condition with my upper body has always been a challenge.  This was the first show I was completely satisfied I’d finally done that.  During this prep I spent more time at the track doing sprints, plyometrics, bleachers and conditioning drills.  Additionally, I flew down every other week to LA to train with Charles Glass where we focused solely on my legs which was grueling but very effective!

4. What about diet, any changes for this show? What do you normally have on your diet before a show?

Generally throughout a contest prep I eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day consisting of low glycemic carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes, lots of green vegetables and lean proteins like chicken breast, egg whites, white fish and turkey.  There weren't too many big changes in regards to my nutrition for this show aside from the fact that I ate more fish than ever before.

5. Now that we have seen several changes in amateur figure this year, do you think figure will go with less and less muscle every year? What do you think of the new pros that have a nice shape but carry not much muscle?

From the shows I attended this year there seemed to be trending towards smaller physiques.  Although I can't predict the future, I believe the purpose of figure is to provide a physique contest for women which allows these athletes to compete without being as muscular as bodybuilders. 

6. Please tell us a little about your Olympia weekend, did everything go as planned? Anything in particular you can remember that was interesting or unusual? 

Fortunately, everything went as planned.  The show was run very smoothly and I think all of the competitors had a lot of fun!

7. What do you think about Davana Medina not competing due to a medical emergency? If she would have competed would she have been a contender?

Davana and I are very good friends so regardless of the fact that she's a competitor of mine, I am very sorry that she had a medical emergency and was unable to attend.  Of course she would have been a contender considering she'd won this contest the previous 3 years.

8. Posing and stage presence has been one of your strongest points, what can you tell upcoming figure competitors about posing? Should it be a very individual posing such as Valerie Waugaman's or follow the standards at a huge event like the Olympia?

Posing is very important for sure.  After you've spent months preparing your physique to be the best it can be you certainly want to display it to it's full capacity.  I think the biggest factor is practice, practice, practice!

9. What is next for you? The Arnold and then the Olympia? How many years do you see yourself competing? How many Olympia titles would you want to conquer?

Next year I have decided to just compete at the Olympia to defend my title.  And at this point, I'm going to take it one year at a time.

10. Are there any people you would like to thank?

I had SO much help in preparation for this contest…I have so many people to thank!  My sponsor, MuscleTech; my manager, JM Manion; my nutritionist, Hany Rambod; trainer, Charles Glass; my very supportive boyfriend, Blair Mone; my workout partner, Marlynne Durham; tanning experts, Jan Tana; suit makers, Jagware; jewelry designer, Elizabeth Dwelle; make-up artist, Elaine Goodlad; hair stylist, Amy Karr and all of my friends, family and clients that have always been there for me!!!
11. Any additional notes?

Fortunately at about 6 weeks out from the Figure Olympia I filmed a DVD chronicling everything I did in preparation for this show.  The DVD, which is in production currently will be for sale through my website in December.  The DVD includes weight training workouts, food preparation, daily activities, track workouts and even has footage from a photoshoot I did right before the Olympia. 

Also, I also do a lot of work with online clients via my website:
www.jennylynnfitness.com  I work with competitors all over the world in preparation for various contests in addition to men and women just hoping to get in their best shape possible for everyday life.
And, I created a Posing Manual that helps women fine tune their posing techniques for the stage. 
Also, I most recently created a new line of Jenny Lynn Fitness apparel with fun, figure-oriented sayings that are really cute.
And finally, I'm in the process to organizing a Figure Camp that I'll be holding in Spring of 2007 to teach fellow aspiring figure competitors how to present their best physique on stage!
So, no question....I'll be very busy during my "time off"!


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