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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2009 Europa Super Show Review

2009 North Americans Photos and Results

2009 North Americans Review

20 Questions with NPC Figure Tiffany Ryan

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Nicole Pitcher -Scott

Video Interview NPC Bodybuilder Kirsten Haratyk

Tiffany Ryan, Abby Marie, Angela Salvagno, Emily Nicholson, Jennifer Hoffman

Interview with European Amateur IFBB Alevtyna Titarenko
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Irina Veselova and Trainer Robert Samborsky Part 2

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Leslie Rae Newton


2009 IFBB North American Championships Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Silvana Silvati

This year the show had included extra pro cards in Masters Bodybuilding and Figure and one in Fitness so it guaranteed more competitors. Bikini awarded 2 pro cards as well and one in Masters so it was surely a show which would have a good turn out. Mexico and Canada were attending, Mexico in smaller numbers but Canada brought the heavy artillery.

Figure A was for Lavonda Ezell she had taken Masters in Pittsburgh recently. In second Tiana Gonzalez, 3rd for Crystal Brown, 4th Debra Lavette and 5th for Mexico's Lily Esparza who has transformed her physique to fit the new criteria just like Consuelo Rojas has done it in Pro Figure. Tiffany Moody always looks great and took 6th place this time.

Figure B was for Cheryl Brown who also took her masters class. Tiffany Procopio took 2nd and always looks amazing, very tight physique. Shannon Bennett is back and her physique is very balanced, she took 3rd. Ann Pratt took 4th and she just needs to keep on showing up to show her shape and physique is great. Wendy Tedesco took 5th in this class. Tracey McDonald from Canada did Figure and sported a different fuller physique, showcasing great legs and upper body.

Figure C was for Pamela Soper as she has great looks and is the kind of look they are going for. Chelsey Morgenstern took 2nd with a smaller and softer physique. Angela Kegler with a super tight physique took 3rd place, Ginger Redeker followed in 4th and Rachel Leblanc in 5th. Noted was Alicia Kowalski physique which was not called out but her placing could have been better.

Allison Ethier

Figure D was for Charmayne Jackson, Mikaila Soto took second looking excellent and with lots of sex appeal. Sue Knott took 3rd, Deborah Judy 4th and Jennifer Myers in 5th. Notable was Janet Lynn West who is in her late 40's and still looks amazing.

Katherynne Ramirez took class E, Mona Muresan 2nd and Holly Powell from Columbus in 3rd. Elizabeth Earnhardt took 4th and Katie Heath 5th.

Class F was for Silvana Silvati from Ontario Canada who took the class and overall in both masters and open. Sheri Fisher from Canada as well took 2nd, Amanda Bollinger took 3rd, Michelle Krack in 4th and Melanie Rucker in 5th.

Masters Figure A was for Lavonda Ezell, B was for Cheryl Brown, C for Mikaila Soto and D for Silvana Silvati.

Fitness was very small with only 4 competitors in Class A, Allison Either winning the class and overall and snatching the only pro card. Stefanie Bambrough won class B being the sole competitor in that class.

Jessica Lawrence

Bikini A was for Gillian Risebury, Bikini B was for Kira Rivera, Bikini C was for Kat Holmes who had not won her pro card at USAs and Jr. Nationals previously. And Class D for Jessica Lawrence who also won the overall. Kira Rivera won the masters pro card in the bikini division.

Zoa Linsey

Bodybuilding was dense specially having a masters division as well. In the Open lightweights Tammy Patnode won the class with her mega ripped look edging Lisa James. Middleweights was for Amy Sibcy who sported a very cut physique. Cheryl Faust took second in the class. Light heavies was for Jody Wald who has great looks and good mass who won over Christine Sabo a true veteran in the US end that is know for her conditioning and legs. In 3rd place Ladawn Mckay sported very nice lines. The Heavyweights was for Zoa Linsey another Canadian competitor both conditioned and big beat Holly Geersen. In the end Zoa would win the class and also the Overall in both open and Masters. Tammy Patnode was awarded the second pro card.

Tammy Patnode


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