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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2009 Europa Super Show Review

2009 North Americans Photos and Results

2009 North Americans Review

20 Questions with NPC Figure Tiffany Ryan

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Nicole Pitcher -Scott

Video Interview NPC Bodybuilder Kirsten Haratyk

Tiffany Ryan, Abby Marie, Angela Salvagno, Emily Nicholson, Jennifer Hoffman

Interview with European Amateur IFBB Alevtyna Titarenko
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Irina Veselova and Trainer Robert Samborsky Part 2

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Leslie Rae Newton


2009 Europa Super Show Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Dallas once more was the city that held the 2009 Europa Super Show. I do miss the Arlington location not only for its great shooting locations on the back of the hotel but also because its proximity to the baseball games.

Jenny Lynn

The show did not have bodybuilding at pro level anymore perhaps it might be an expense they got rid of. The figure and fitness was good enough to keep people busy. In figure Jenny Lynn took the show after taking third in Jacksonville. Second place was for Meriza Deguzman with a tight package and third for Krissy Chin who came with a good conditioned package and her usual symmetry. Alicia Harris placed 4th missing the olympia qualification just by inches. 5th was for Sioban Tewari who has competed at just a few pro shows. This figure portion saw Consuelo Rojas from Mexico with a smaller package, Tonya Burkhardt crossing over from fitness with her nice lines and balance.

Adela Garcia

In fitness Adela Garcia rose to the top and took 1st place. Myriam Capes with a smaller package took 2nd and as always her routine was perfect, executed with great agility. In 3rd place Nicole Duncan dazzled us with her great routines once more. Bethany Wagner took 4th and Laticia "Action" Jackson took 5th place. Fitness being more on the harder look for physiques did not fare well such as Maggie Blanchard who brought an stellar physique specially on the conditioning part. We saw finally Nita Marquez as a pro after years of her being an amateur. But overall the physiques just like in figure weren't that hard.

Krissy Richard

NPC Figure was for Krissy Richard in class A who beat Jaime Frenkel for 2nd, 3rd for Sylvia Lopez who is sisters with Esmeralda Saxenian who also competed at this show. In 4th was Crystal Vargas and 5th place was for Mandi Brooks who was a complete gem to look at. This girl has a ton of potential, just watch her go in the next few months.

Class B was for Dana McKee who brought a smaller physique just like in class A. 2nd place was for Esmeralda Saxenian and 3rd for Sheron Martin who seems to be making a comeback with her fantastic shape and conditioning. 4th place was for Tiffany Ryan who also has excellent conditioning and great lines. Kelley Clarke was another competitor that seems to have a great future. Notable was Alec Overn who took 8th in this class but she has some of the best potential at her age. If you read this Alec email me to jc@hardfitness.com

Class C was for Christy Hill, second for Kaylee Flanagan and 3rd for Shasti Cooper who was looking excellent, great lines and looks. 4th for Christine Barron and 5th for Donna Smith.

Class D was for Brittany Albrecht who also brought in a great package, 2nd for Andrea Ramsey and 3rd for Melissa Merritt who has a great looks and shape. 4th was for Betty Scarborough and 5th Shonte Turner.

In the Masters division Sheron Martin took the show, great shape and conditioning, just over Sylvia Lopez and Angie Smith ex-fitness National level. Angie has restarted into figure with a smaller physique, we all remember her from shows in the past.

Rachel Dodd

Bikini was 3 classes plus masters, Class A did not exist, so Class B was for Judy Replogle who won the class and the overall. Shaelyn Werner took Class C and Steani Greene took class D. In the masters division Betty Scarborough took her class.

Teen Figure was divided into 2 Alec Over took class A and Kaylee Flanagan took class B.

Fitness was only 3 girls Rachel Dodd beat Keisha Kastl and Wendy Hajik.

Sarah Hayes

Bodybuilding was small but interesting, Lightweights was for Elizabeth Schneider. Middleweights Keri Davies from Colorado. Light Heavyweights for Tierany Chertein who has a great potential and soon can do Nationals. Heavyweights featured Sarah Hayes winning over Jody May who just finally made a comeback. On the masters Keri Davies who the division and Cindy Whiteley was the only competitor on the novice division.

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