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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 California Pro Photos and Results

2009 California Pro Review

2009 Contra Costa Photos and Results

2009 Contra Costa Review

20 Questions with Cover Model Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with 2010 HardFitness Calendar Cover Model Jenny Lynn

Interview with UK Amateur IFBB Figure Louise Rogers
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview NPC Figure Michelle Watson

Kimberly Martin, Michele Bigler, Sheri Suppes, Tiffany Waddell & Tori Briggs

Video Interview with NPC Bikini Anca Marcus




2009 California IFBB Figure Pro and NPC California State Championships Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Heather Mae French

Culver City had great weather for this event, this time Bikini was added and no fitness was present. Pro Figure had around 30 competitors a huge number that included Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia among others. Heather Mae French from Colorado won the show, in 2nd was Sonia Gonzales, Kristi Tauti third, Meriza DeGuzman in 4th and Rosa Maria Romero in 5th. Jane Awad sported a very good physique as always and Crystal Lowery also has a good balance and muscle.

Susan Salazar

Figure A was for Wendy Fortino again, Molly Goodwin took 2nd, and Sheanni Vanderbilt 3rd. In Class B Susan Salazar took the class looking better than most pros, in great conditioning and with even balance, 2nd for Tatiana Koshman from Texas and Angie Richards in 3rd. Sarah Greenbank took 4th from Sacramento. Class C was for Lisa Hahn, Elena Renteria in 2nd, Monica Vargas from Texas in 3rd and Karla Coe Specker in 4th, 5th was for San Jose native Michelle Watson. Class D was for Karin Kimura and 2nd place for Emerald Cup Overall winner Courtney Bynog. Jami DeBernard took third, Allison Busher 4th, Laura Pine in 5th. In Class E, Holly Doulgerakis won the class, Patty Zariello took 2nd, Sandy Scamman from Las Vegas took 3rd, Jill Rudison 4th. Class F, Ashley Overland won first and Michelle Poulin took 2nd, Noel Rudolph in 3rd, Andrea Hoying in 4th and Kim Colvin in 5th.

Courtney Bynog

Masters figure was for Lisa Hahn who beat Courtney Bynog winner of class B who clearly had a very nice shape and physique. Judges seemed to be looking for a smaller package for the masters. In over 45 Barbara Mencer again and should do masters nationals in July.

Amanda Latona

Bikini in class A was for Michelle Gullett who had won a previous show and won the overall too. Michele DAngona second, Brandi Greenfield third, Jennifer Dietrick 4th, Angela Dixon in 5th. In class B the tall class Amanda Latona took the class over Anca Marcus and Kimber Cotton who had a very fit body.

Patty Corbett

Female bodybuilding was for Patty Corbett who was drier here than at the contra costa. They were all placed in one class due to the low number of competitors. Fatima Johnson placed second and looked very big and cut, Bettina Kadet seemed much smaller than her usual National level shows and in 4th Carla Rossi who brought back the bangs on her hair. Kim Winn placed 5th and she was actually looking very dry and with good symmetry.

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