Issue #53


by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 California Pro Photos and Results

2009 California Pro Review

2009 Contra Costa Photos and Results

2009 Contra Costa Review

20 Questions with Cover Model Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with 2010 HardFitness Calendar Cover Model Jenny Lynn

Interview with UK Amateur IFBB Figure Louise Rogers
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview NPC Figure Michelle Watson

Kimberly Martin, Michele Bigler, Sheri Suppes, Tiffany Waddell & Tori Briggs

Video Interview with NPC Bikini Anca Marcus




Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Halfway thru the year, we are finally printing the 2010 Calendar, here is a sample preview of the cover. It should be on sale during late June as its being printed right now.

Front Cover
Back Cover

The models on it are:

January - Aleisha Hart (Canada)
February - Wendy Fortino (USA)
March - Holly Powell (USA)
April - April Fortier (USA)
May - Heather Mae French (USA)
June - Maiken Emborg (Denmark)
July - Jennifer Hoffman (USA)
August - Julie Ann Kulla (USA)
September - Jenny Lynn (USA)
October - Stephanie Bambrough (USA)
November - Serena Cooper (Canada)
December - Nicole Pitcher-Scott (UK)
Jan 2011 - Petra Onhajzerova (Czech Republic)

Will be on sale in a few a weeks!


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