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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 NPC Nationals Photos and Results

2008 NPC Nationals Review

2008 NJ State and HardFitness Model Search
Photos and Results

2008 NJ State and HardFitness Model Search

20 Questions with Cover Model Maiken Emborg

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Maiken Emborg

Erika Andersson (Sweden) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Maiken Emborg, Megan Swain, Michelle Craven, Monica Vargas, Wendy Fortino

Video Interview with NPC Figure Brandi Binkley

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Andrea Giacomi

Festive Fitness
by Jean Jitomir PhD(c)

Video Interview
with NPC Figure Heather Udy


2008 NPC New Jersey State and HardFitness Model Search Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

The one and only HardFitness model search was celebrated at this event. Robert Samborsky promoter helped this finally happen.

Petra Onhajzerova

This show was the smallest show I have attended in some time, perhaps because of timing or the area it was in. The HardFitness Model search ran at the end of prejudging and the awards at the start of the finals. I was the head judge and in charge of scoring and the microphone. There is a lot of work involved in shows and being part of one you really see what goes on. There were two rounds one for bikini which was standard figure judging with callouts. The second and final round it was a modeling round where the model would try to shoot with a photographer and show off her best moves and ability to flow; modeling skills.

Elise Firestone

Petra Onhajzerova took first and won first place, getting a spot in the 2010 Calendar, HardFitness Online mag cover and Musclemag Mexico layout. In second place came Elise Firestone who didn't compete in the NPC Figure but her great skills as a model put her in a high place. In 3rd was Tiani Thorne who had a combo of good physique and also modeling. 4th place was Jennifer Nash who was very close to Tiani Thorne given her good muscle and physique.

Tiani Thorne

NPC Figure A was taken by Roxanne Bruno who came in with a very sharp conditioning. Class B was for Dena Vamprien who also showcased a very strong physique. And Class C was for Tiani Thorne who won the class and also the overall. She was showing a more softer look as that is part of the new criteria that the NPC wants.

NPC Fitness was for Jennifer Nash and her younger sister Melissa Nash took second. These two ladies have very good routines and should move up to Nationals very soon.

Jennifer Nash

The bodybuilding was taken by Mary Anthony over Therese Bissonette in just two competitors in this category.


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