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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 NPC Nationals Photos and Results

2008 NPC Nationals Review

2008 NJ State and HardFitness Model Search
Photos and Results

2008 NJ State and HardFitness Model Search

20 Questions with Cover Model Maiken Emborg

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Maiken Emborg

Erika Andersson (Sweden) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Maiken Emborg, Megan Swain, Michelle Craven, Monica Vargas, Wendy Fortino

Video Interview with NPC Figure Brandi Binkley

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Andrea Giacomi

Festive Fitness
by Jean Jitomir PhD(c)

Video Interview
with NPC Figure Heather Udy


Festive Fitness: 5 Hints for Holiday Parties by Jean Jitomir RD, PhD(c)

1. Inform the event host if you have specific dietary needs tactfully and in advance.

Let a holiday host know in advance if you are sticking to a certain diet or if you have special restrictions, like allergies. It's better to make the person preparing food aware ahead of time rather than refusing to eat anything upon arrival. Offer to prepare your own food or help with food preparation to make yourself useful and ensure that some of the food fits your needs.

2. Just toss the stale cookies!

This applies to pies and holiday candies too!  Even if they're not fresh, you may consume them if they are right within reach. At parties, remember to focus on time spent with family and friends.  After all, the dessert table isn't really the purpose of the season!

3. Have lean protein, fruit and cut veggies ready to eat! Bring the token veggie platter to parties and fill up on rabbit food first.

Healthy alternatives need to be available to choose the healthy food! Be proactive and ensure that you have plenty of fresh, prepared produce on hand!

If you really need something sweet, bring a few pieces of hard candy and have one if the urge strikes. They are only 20 Calories and will last far longer than a cookie!  Also, you may choose to have only one portion of your favorite holiday dessert, bypass the sweets that you don't really love.

4. Think of yourself as a role model for relatives that want to live healthier.

If people can see you sticking to a healthy eating plan, it may give them more motivation. Tune out naysayers and stick to your goals!

If you have a relative who has been seriously interested in exercising, get bundled up and go for a walk or a sledding adventure. Show your loved one that fitness is a lifestyle that should begin before the New Year and continue indefinitely!

5. Change your gym schedule so that it works during this time period.

If you typically work out in the very late afternoon or early evening, that's prime party time during the holidays-- you may want to consider shifting to morning workouts for a few weeks to ensure that exercise is regular throughout this busy season.  By planning ahead and shifting to morning workouts you can stay fit and keep your social schedule.

Give yourself the time to treat your body well--it will thank you!

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About the Author...

Jean Jitomir is a registered dietitian, Master of Science in Nutrition and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Exercise Nutrition at Baylor University.  She has experience as a private dietitian and cooking instructor. Jean has competed in figure at the national level and is qualified for national level competition as a light weight bodybuilder.



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