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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 NPC Nationals Photos and Results

2008 NPC Nationals Review

2008 NJ State and HardFitness Model Search
Photos and Results

2008 NJ State and HardFitness Model Search

20 Questions with Cover Model Maiken Emborg

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Maiken Emborg

Erika Andersson (Sweden) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Maiken Emborg, Megan Swain, Michelle Craven, Monica Vargas, Wendy Fortino

Video Interview with NPC Figure Brandi Binkley

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Andrea Giacomi

Festive Fitness
by Jean Jitomir PhD(c)

Video Interview
with NPC Figure Heather Udy


2008 NPC Nationals Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

Jennifer Hoffman

The last national show in the 2008 year finally included figure. Previously it only had fitness but promoters realized figure was a better option for them. Bodybuilding and Figure both had huge numbers even with the economy being so bad, it seems it hasn't affected the fitness industry much.

Jennifer Magliacci

Class A in figure was for Jennifer Magliacci who took her pro card. Mandy Henderson was 2nd, Jamie Perea was 3rd, Debra Lavette 4th and Nicole Coleman 5th. Other notable physiques was Jennifer Hoffman, Kelli Correa and Tiffany Moody. Hoffman is one of those physiques that will become a pro soon. Excellent lines and balance on upper and lower body. This class was actually very small given the new height class changes.

Jennifer DeJoya

Class B was for Jennifer DeJoya who finally got her pro card after at least 2 years of going to pro qualifying events. In second place was Candice Houston and it was tight as Candice has a great presentation and an excellent package. In 3rd was Soleivi Hernandez, 4th Cheryl Brown and 5th Tina Cross who is surely improving her placings with her great lines. Other notable physiques was Kristy Fenster who has good muscle mass and good looks. Misty Schaffer as well has a great balance and muscle, she trained by Greg "The Wizard" Hasberry. Jean Jitomir had to pull out due to sickness before the second two piece round came about.

Candice Keene

Class C was for newcomer Candice Keene who has only done 1 show prior to this. She has the look that judges want for the new criteria. In second Joanne Murphy came in with a very tight package. Debra Dunn in 3rd, Khristy Poteat in 4th with great gluteal muscles and Allyce Jerome in 5th. Other notable bodies in this class were Shonda England, Casey Brocato who is beyond unreal with those lines and muscle quality and Esmeralda Saxenian who is going to be a competitor to watch out for. Gale Elie was sick after the first round so she had to pull out of the show otherwise she would placed well in the mix.

Casey Brocato
Shonda England
Tiffany Rabon

Amy O'Neil

Amy O'Neil took class D and this was her first major show. Mary Newman took second and Tiffany Rabon who has a great set of lines on her lower and upper body placed 3rd. Danielle Kifer took 4th and Kimmie Brooks took 5th. Other bodies such as Amanda Quinlan and Shawna Pringle are competitor to watch out for in the near future.

Katina Maistrellis

A tough class was for class E which Katina Maistrellis won after her Sacramento show win in California. Tara Zito who also looked really good took second, Stephanie McDonald third, Patricia Nguyen 4th and Holly Powell 5th who has been consistent in shows this year. Other notable physiques was Kavvy Sohnos and Stephanie Larkin. Larkin is another of Greg's "The Wizard" Hasberry competitors. Make no mistake this man brings is some excellent bodies.

Erin Stern

Class F was for Erin Stern who had excellent conditioning and took the overall. Jeanne Nimmer took 2nd, Gennifer Strobo 3rd, Jodie Minear who has excellent looks took 4th, Monique Minton in 5th. Other great bodies was Noel Clark who probably had more muscle and that might have affected her scores but nevertheless its recognized as a great body.

Rita Rae

Bodybuilding was rather large and it seems to still have good competitors and some support from the audience. Rita Rae won the lightweight with Tammy Patnode in second. Rita is very short and compact and did have good conditioning. Lisa James took 3rd and has a lot of potential for her pro card. Barbara Fletcher in 4th and Lori Steele in 5th.

Diana Tinnelle

The middleweights was for Diana Tinnelle who has very good lines and Tracy Mason took second. It was a very close call and could have gone either way depending on what judges wanted. Julia Korfhage was 3rd and Suha Qasem was 5th.

Elena Seiple

Light heavies was for Elena Seiple who finally got her pro card and looked amazing. Elena is what bodybuilding should be about. Rose Kasallis took 2nd with a new hair cut and excellent routine. Yahaira Agosto placed 3rd and she has also been doing nationals for some time now. Monique Hayes with a millimetric waist took 4th and Karen Choat who always comes in very good condition got 5th.

Sheila Bleck

Heavyweights was for Sheila Bleck who was looking stunning and also took the overall. Her shape, symmetry and conditioning was superb. Nekole Hamrick who has one of the most feminine looks took 2nd, Monique Jones took 3rd, Amber DeFrancesco who wasn't as hard as Jr. Nats took 4th and Jennifer Gutierrez placed 5th. Gutierrez is moving up and looking better and better at show. Notable was Casey Daugherty who is one of the most feminine competitors and has a great future in this sport. Also Aleesha Young has a lot of potential given the great amount of muscle she has at her age.


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