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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 NPC Jr Nationals Photos and Results

2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Review

20 Questions with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model
Julie Ann Kulla

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Julie Ann Kulla

Irina Veselova MMA Trainer and more
by Robert Samborsky

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Julie Ann Kulla, Darlina Brown, Nicole Pitcher, Ashley Renee, Holly Powell

Video Interview with NPC Figure Crystal Piercy

Work Out Wired
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Figure Tiffany Underwood

Irina Veselova MMA Trainer and More... by Robert Samborsky

Apollon Gym Logo

Irina Veselova, IFBB Pro Figure competitor and co-owner of Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ is fast becoming one of the most sought after conditiong coaches in central NJ. Currently she trains not just NPC and IFBB athletes but also PRO MMA fighters.

It is wildly considered an honor not just to train with Irina, but also to be able to last more than 30 minutes through her intense sessions, where athletes often pass our or vomit during her training routines.

Here is what some of the athletes and other clients have said about her Irina's training methods...

Officer Danny Mendes Perth Amboy Police:
"Irina can kick any guy's ass working of the best. Oh yea and she is hot!"

Jeff Conway, NPC Bodybuilder:
"Irina's workouts are different. They are quick and lethal"

Jay Fawlks, NPC Bodybuilder:
"Irina is horrble, haha. Just kidding. I think she is the best trainer I ever seen. She definately knows what she is doing. Most people cant keep up with her...except ME"

Veronica Bruno, NPC Figure athlete:
"She is very focused on one's ability to excel and helps one in believing andaccomplishing their goal"

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez, Elite Pro MMA fighter:
"Irina is definately one of the most intense people I ever worked out with. Her strategy is to push your body to the limit and make sure you control your breathing, cause she will kill you if you dont. I love my gains. My body and my strength are the best they ever been. You want few words. Here are two words: SHE'S AMAZING"

Dr. Joe Hudak, Chirpractor to top athletes in NJ:
"She brings you to the point of exhastion....then somehow reaches inside you and finds 10% more you didnt know you had."

Marina Samborsky, NPC Bodybuilder and Judge:
"Irina is an amazing trainer. She always picks the right exercises for the body part trained. Her knowledge and training technique makes her workout intense and unpredictable, which is the main key for great results."

Anderson De Castro, Pro MMA fighter:
"Working out with Irina is like a love-hate relationship. She beats you down but you always come back for more".

Juan Munoz

Juan Munoz, NPC Bodybuilder:
Irina's workouts are extremely intense and very positive results driven"

Erin Riley, IFBB Pro Fitess:
"Irina's training style is EXTREMELY INTENSE and she offers a very unique approach tha is guaranteed to achieve results"

Alex Fedorov, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder:
"Irina is my good friend, but when it comes to training, dont be fooled that she is a beautiful woman. She will make anyone vomit or cry for mercy. If you want results, she will get you results in no time, but you are in for one wild, scary and painful ride"

Jose Rodriguez MMA Fighter
Jose Rodriguez MMA Fighter
Jose Rodriguez MMA Fighter
Jose Rodriguez MMA Fighter
Jose Rodriguez MMA Fighter
Juan Munoz NPC Bodybuilder
Juan Munoz NPC Bodybuilder


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