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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 NPC Jr Nationals Photos and Results

2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Review

20 Questions with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model
Julie Ann Kulla

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Julie Ann Kulla

Irina Veselova MMA Trainer and more
by Robert Samborsky

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Julie Ann Kulla, Darlina Brown, Nicole Pitcher, Ashley Renee, Holly Powell

Video Interview with NPC Figure Crystal Piercy

Work Out Wired
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Figure Tiffany Underwood

2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

The windy city or at least the suburbs of Rosemont, IL hosted the prestigious Jr. Nationals again this year. Now the NPC is going for sure in the direction they have been establishing in the past shows which is less muscle, conditioning and smaller frames.

Figure A class was for Sue Upson who does represent the new criteria well, second for Kara Flowers overall for the first Arnold Amateur, third for Akane Nigro from California, Prudence Moe in 4th and Jennifer Hoffman in 5th. These last three had more muscle and had better conditioning but nevertheless looked stunning. Karen Barbientos also stood out given her classy shape and good lines.

Julie Ann Kulla

Figure B presented Julie Ann Kulla as the winner and also overall champion. Liza Kampstra in second, Melody Clere third with a new look with less muscle, 4th for Josie Zamora and 5th for Soleivi Hernandez. This was a very large class and included some great talent that was probably too conditioned and muscular than what the criteria accepts. Monica Mark was beyond amazing, her looks and body are very balanced and carries the poise and physique of a champion. Jennifer Jackson is another physique to look out for at USAs. Tiffany Procopio while on the more muscular side she looked very balanced and stunning in her physique.

Teresa Gillian

Class C brought Colorado Teresa Gillian with first place, Gale Elie in second, Pamela Soper third, Ana Tigre in 4th and Chrissy Burton winner of the Emerald Cup in 5th. This was another large class which did show some smaller structures but had some other good names such as Casey Brocato, Tiffany Underwood, Lauren DeNapoli and Sherrie Carnicle.

Class D was for Terri Turner from Louisiana, Veronica Miller again from the southern state, Kristy McKinney in 3rd, Alicia Harris in 4th and Jennifer Toth in 5th. This was yet another behemoth for the judges to watch. These top 5 again do show in one way or another the criteria for the new physiques.

Class E was for Catherine Holland, second Jenny Lewis, 3rd Jaime Meade, 4th Holly Powell and in 5th Sarah Wernert. The other competitor who stood out was Angela Kirkland who could have snuck a few places higher. Her physique was impressive and still with good lines and not overtly muscular. Tara Zito was another competitor that has a good future for the next few Nationals.

Class F was the smallest class, Jennifer Martin from Louisiana took that class with a stream lined body that many of us enjoy. Noel Clark took 2nd, Ali Houston in 3rd, Phoenix native Christine Aguilar in 4th and Amanda Breznau in 5th. This class did show us also differences in physiques for the taller women. Some other good physiques were Stephanie Billings who has that look which they want and Tammy Bleile.

Pro cards were handed out to Sue Upson, Julie Kulla, Teresa Gillian and Catherine Holland

Stephanie Irick

Fitness now gives out 1 pro card to the the class winner at this show. Stephanie Irick took that in class A while Nita Marquez just inched a bit to her dream. Paula Williams took 3rd with a new look. Rachel Patton in 4th and Babette Mulford in 5th.

Class B was for Melissa Fredericks who did a very fun boxing routine, Lishia Dean took 2nd, Jessica Clay 3rd, Heather Malone 4th and Gina Crum in 5th.

Class C Betsy McNaly nailed it finally and got first and overall. Sandi Stuart was probably a few points behind and in third Jo Marriner from Colorado. Alissa Carpio took 4th and Amanda Marinelli in 5th.

Amber DeFrancesco

Bodybuilding brought some decent competitors, the absence of the lightweight class gave number to the middleweights. Heather Bayer from St. Louis came in shredded and really impressed the public. Kira Neuman in 2nd which showed great potential for future shows at her young age.
On the light heavyweights Justine Dohring took first, Roxanne Edwards second, Sherrie Enos 3rd and the very pretty and impressive Deanna Harvick in her first national bodybuilding show took 5th.
Amber DeFrancesco nailed first place and overall on the heavyweights, don't be surprised that this lady can get a pro card at her next national event. Great conditioning and impressive quads. Monique Jones with a very good v-taper took second and Angela Rayburne finished in third.

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