Issue #42


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 NPC Jr Nationals Photos and Results

2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Review

20 Questions with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model
Julie Ann Kulla

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Julie Ann Kulla

Irina Veselova MMA Trainer and more
by Robert Samborsky

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Julie Ann Kulla, Darlina Brown, Nicole Pitcher, Ashley Renee, Holly Powell

Video Interview with NPC Figure Crystal Piercy

Work Out Wired
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Figure Tiffany Underwood

Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Welcome to another editorial full of interesting information about this industry and other things. New updates is that the 2009 Calendar is almost finished and it will be matter of time until it can be released. Shirts are still pending but will be on sale shortly.

Where do we stand?

Come to my attention was on ABC a new show called Wipeout! that totally eclipses American Gladiators in every way. Its very sad that a show that had a great following now is just another show with not great ratings. NBC probably will see the response Wipeout! will have on their ratings. Wipeout! has way more challenging obstacles for contestants and a knack for making fun of their demise. TV has also shaped differently with shows like Cold Case Files being the old standard and First 48 become more of the reality type viewers want (thanks to Lesley Stamper for showing me this one!). American Gladiators is not using a new formula and its a matter of time that the own NBC will cut the budget for their show.

Not too long ago a pro figure with great placings was offered a contract by a large supplement company. It entailed free supplements per month, booth appearances (paid) and a few other representations for them. The pro competitor did not sign it and that was her choice, good or bad that depends on the angle. Most competitors would have totally said yes and another pro competitor said yes to the same company and contract although her placings are not as high as the first pro I mentioned. So what does this all say? Few supplement companies will spend on your flights, hotel and other expenses since its not really worth their money. Two shows $2000, and what do they get back? Probably not much as you can't wear suits that have advertising on it like soccer players do. And not a lot of media to promote them either. Supplement companies are smart and intend to make money not waste it.

Competitors have to realize that being with a supplement company and getting free products its not the ultimate opportunity. Take your time and make sure you want what you are offered. Which by the way reminds me we have added free spray tanning to all our sponsored competitors. Good luck to them in their upcoming shows.


The Aftermath from Jr. Nationals left a few standing and others on the ground. Its on and competitors need to understand the new criteria that the NPC is going for. You may like it or not but its a business and they can do what they believe is best for it. Pros and Cons will happen and some competitors will turn away as they don't want to loose their muscle and the way they look on stage. The Pros is that many more women will give it a hand to competing, in my local gym at least 3 have started competing having realized they had a chance. So It's just the way you see this situation and how you handle it.

USAs is coming up and I think judges will repeat the same formula. Let see what happens...


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