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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2007 Emerald Cup Photos and Results

2007 Emerald Cup Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Corry Matthews

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Corry Matthews

DVD Review Annie Clark from Australia

Matthews, Erica Hamilton, Darla Benfield, Shawna Walker and Sherry Smith

Video Interview with NPC Figure Lila

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Elsie Huxtable

Tip of the Month
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with NPC Figure Ilona Maj


2007 Emerald Cup Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Erin Heath

The 25th anniversary for the Emerald Cup would take place this year. As always this show brings the best that any regional event can bring. At least on figure it was proven in 2005 that combined a pro show and brought the most coverage for the event in the last few years. As far as quality this year it presented some great stars but then again this was also a first show for some women. The numbers in fitness were increased and the bodybuilding was much more competitive.

For the masters figure it was a win in the overall by Tracy Chenualt who presented more symmetry than Roberta Orth. The texas native Tracy competed at the over 35 while Roberta took her over 40 class.

Clare Taugman

Open figure was large again but probably not as large as last year or 2005. Classes A thru G were almost 12 competitors each except for class A which included around 19 competitors, the largest. Now it can be confusing on how the judging has been for this year but from this show it seems they really wanted small competitors that were tight. Clearly the best physique on class A was Clare Taugman who outdid everyone with her muscle, leanness and symmetry but placed 4th. Clare actually lives in England so don't know if her nationality and different style of posing could have altered the end result. A very small Shelly Rego-Vega took the class, followed by a more proportioned Sherry Smith and a fuller looking with amazing v-taper, Houng Arcinas. Julie Lee looked also real good, probably top 3 would have been fair. Notables were the appearances of Kimberly Lawson, Kari Keenan and Diana Kelly who have great potential in the sport.

Gale Elie

Class B was taken by Gale Elie who was dry on spot and looked pretty good. In second place was Tara Chandler who came in softer and fuller a change from last year's show. Lisa Lattery from Canada took third and despite of her recent sickness she still brought in symmetry even with holding water. Nicole Weston took 4th and has a lot of potential, great muscle and at a young age as well. Sheila Bratten probably should have placed much higher as she had a great physique.

Elsie Huxtable

Class C was very debated as the top 3 had different features placing first in the class Erin Heath was well conditioned and her legs came down much more than in her first show, so she looked better. Elsie Huxtable had probably the most balanced physique but Erin's stage presence was better. Reagen Brenner one of the best looking competitors to grace a stage, brought a great amount of muscle and amazing symmetry but placed third. It seems that Erin's tiny waist and many other class winners' has become an important factor even when their back isn't as wide.

The next class up, D wasn't as spectacular, Karin Kimura brought the best conditioning and symmetry on stage, there was no doubt about her winning the class. Danyell Leavitt and Austine Powell showed good potential so we hope to see them at more shows more often.

Karin Kimura
Erica Hamilton

Class E was tough because from callouts it seemed that Ilona Maj would take the class but she was going against one of the most impressive physiques to step on stage ever, her second show ever a pro physique even before she ever competed: Erica Hamilton. From the many physiques I have seen on stage and in person Erica is above and beyond almost all of them. Erica has a great balance, with shoulders matching calves, v taper, great looks and she has muscle. Erica took the class as her physique could not be denied. Ilona took a second with a tight physique and good shoulders. Kari Lege took third and has great potential she has balance good legs and upper body.

Michelle Mayberry

Class F was taken by Michelle Mayberry who was the undisputed winner. Michelle also competed in fitness and has a good physique that she can try both figure or fitness anytime. Jeanne Nimmer and Angela Myers took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Going unto class G, they got even taller. Mary Hallman perhaps looked the best but it was a close call and Christine Aguilar took first. Aguilar's posing and stage presence was a bit better. A class of 10 girls makes it easier to judge than the 20+ competitors at the tallest class in a National show.

Mary Hallman


Chandra Young

Fitness was divided into two classes, last year only 4 competitors entered this portion. This year we had 11 in total and probably thanks to Tanji Johnson's hard work to bring fitness back. Class A was taken by Chandra Young who brought in a great tight physique plus an excellent routine. Safiya Johnson took second and the photogenic Genie Markwell took third. Genie has a lot of potential in the industry she should be doing Nationals perhaps next year.

Class B presented Michelle Mayberry as a solid winner given her routine and physique. Viko Newman took second and Erica Hamilton took third. Erica had the best physique but this was her first fitness show so her routine wasn't as smooth as she would have wanted.

Michelle Mayberry


Cindy Johnson

Female Bodybuilding brought an three classes, Kelly Dobbins took the lightweights rather easily edging Genevieve Moreno. Middleweight went to Cindy Johnson who had no one even close to touching her. And Heavyweights was taken by Becky West who was harder and more shredded than the good looking Shawna Walker. The overall went to Cindy Johnson who had a better conditioning even when Kelly was better proportioned. That is what judges went for, both of these ladies should be at USA's.



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