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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2007 Emerald Cup Photos and Results

2007 Emerald Cup Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Corry Matthews

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Corry Matthews

DVD Review Annie Clark from Australia

Matthews, Erica Hamilton, Darla Benfield, Shawna Walker and Sherry Smith

Video Interview with NPC Figure Lila

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Elsie Huxtable

Tip of the Month
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with NPC Figure Ilona Maj


Annie Clark Weight Training DVD by Juan Carlos Lopez

Annie Clark

Australian competitor Annie Clark has put together her own DVD for training. To begin with the production is excellent and the menus and graphics are top quality.

Day 1: In the first minutes Annie goes thru shoulder exercises going from lighter weights to heaviest weight (until failure). She has the help from a personal trainer in the last few reps if needed. The second body part she focuses on are biceps, with biceps dumbbell curls. The formula is working with few reps from around 12 until down to 8 on the final 3rd set. The final body part to work is triceps and she also shows 3 different exercises for this.

Day 2: Concentrates on back and chest, starting first with back exercises. Pull ups are first in the agenda and then seated rows again with the same formula that involves from light weights to heavier weights and decreasing the rep range. Finally rounds things with lower back. Next up is chest, and now the model is rather the male personal trainer Nick Lau while she speaks about it. Incline, flat and decline presses are being show cased.

Day 3: Leg day is next, showing leg press is the first exercise. Leg Curls is the second exercise for quads. We then move on to leg extensions for the hamstrings again Annie outlines correct posture. Finally a calves exercise is shown.

Day 4: This is spent on working on cardio showcasing the treadmill, cycling and boxing. Swimming is also shown as a form of exercise, it seems interesting to see a segment like this on a DVD. Stretching and sit ups rounds out the day.

Finally she focuses on diet but her approach is not for competitors rather for normal people that have terrible diets. By mentioning fruits and even pasta this means the target are more normal people. In general the DVD is for people who are beginners to intermediate

You can see more of Annie Clark here:


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