Issue #15


by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold Classic 2006 Photos and Results

Arnold Classic 2006 Review

Arnold Classic Expo Review and Photo Gallery

San Francisco Grand Prix Pro Figure and Steel Rose Photos and Results

San Francisco Grand Prix Pro Figure and Steel Rose Review

Finland's Boosman Fitness Classic Preview
by Kaisa Piippo

20 Questions with our Cover Model: IFBB Figure Pro Waleska Valle

Video Interview with Cover Model: Waleska Valle

Christian Podgorski: Bodybuilding Art

Waleska Valle, Amy Huber, Holly Powell, Danielle Rouleau & Liz Lozano

Getting a Figure Pro Card in Europe
by Annika Warg

Video Interview: NPC Figure Megan Payan

The Joy of Dieting
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview: CBBF Figure Roxana Kreklo

Roxana Kreklo Profile of a True Athlete

Tweaking that Figure Posing
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Model and Competitor Tina Jo Orban

Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Happy to have another issue out and keep on providing articles that are helpful for upcoming competitors and even experienced ones. Have received many email regarding this and many compliments from people who I have never even met before from other parts of the world. We try every issue to get more diverse and better articles as well as complete contest coverage. Kaisa Piippo from Finland has been helping a lot and really enjoys this industry. Thanks to her we are getting better and better every time. One more person that I must thank is Holly Powell and her family for being so hospitable in Columbus, Ohio. If it wasn't for her and her husband my trip there would have been very chaotic. They even fed me my favorite boiled chicken breast with asparagus and lime.

Here are more magazines clippings as promised, this time includes Traci Redding NPC Figure and 2005 NPC Nationals in Atlanta.


Patience is a word we usually take for granted, we know what it means and many times we have suggested it to a friend, spouse or children. When we want something done we really want it done now, and waiting is usually not an option. Many times you can always call or email someone and get that done right? As adults we believe that but don't practice what we preach. In most cases some decisions can't be taken that quickly or some processes (specially government) can take a long time. We are just not patient enough in most cases specially when we deal with someone we don't know, perhaps that ebay seller who hasn't shipped your item or the new manager who hasn't decided if the dates you gave him/her are ok for your vacations. Patience is needed when choosing what show to compete at, getting a pro card in the U.S. is now much easier given the huge number of shows that qualify you as pro. But again that timing is huge, if you know you won't be at your best at say Jr. USA's don't do it. Or if you think Team U is too far and you won't be doing your best don't do it. Be patient. Easy for me to say right? But then again you could have been patient for a couple years and then finally at a show that you look your worst judges will hand you that pro card. But the lesson is learned; patience. Judges saw that in you and these years and that many shows they saw you at. So they decided to reward that and now you are pro. Next up is qualify to the Olympia? Again, Patience!


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