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by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold Classic 2006 Photos and Results

Arnold Classic 2006 Review

Arnold Classic Expo Review and Photo Gallery

San Francisco Grand Prix Pro Figure and Steel Rose Photos and Results

San Francisco Grand Prix Pro Figure and Steel Rose Review

Finland's Boosman Fitness Classic Preview
by Kaisa Piippo

20 Questions with our Cover Model: IFBB Figure Pro Waleska Valle

Video Interview with Cover Model: Waleska Valle

Christian Podgorski: Bodybuilding Art

Waleska Valle, Amy Huber, Holly Powell, Danielle Rouleau & Liz Lozano

Getting a Figure Pro Card in Europe
by Annika Warg

Video Interview: NPC Figure Megan Payan

The Joy of Dieting
by Kaisa Piippo

Video Interview: CBBF Figure Roxana Kreklo

Roxana Kreklo Profile of a True Athlete

Tweaking that Figure Posing
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Model and Competitor Tina Jo Orban

Arnold Classic 2006 Expo Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold Expo

The biggest bodybuilding expo in the world opened on Friday at 11am and closed on Sunday 4pm. Once more the Arnold expo proved to be the best expo of this industry. If you are planning on attending this expo be advised that the best day to attend it either Friday or Sunday. Going on Saturday will be very full and moving from one end to the other of the expo can take up to 15 minutes given the number of people who crowd the floor. All the vendors can be found on the website www.arnoldexpo.com giving you an idea of all the sponsors that usually are at this show. The cost for a single booth is probably around $3,000 per day. So this means most vendors are companies that somehow make a return investment from marketing their products at this busy expo. There are few photographers, artists and people who want to promote themselves but in general this can be an idea that will not yield a return investment. Several fans commented a main attraction of the expo was getting free products

Arnold Expo

and that the Olympia was a lot better at handing out samples. There were local sponsors too that were marketing beauty products, clothing and all kinds of non-supplement products.
Walking the expo one thing was clear, there was less females or models than last year, actually fellow photographer JP Erickson noted this. I simply looked over my collection of photos and this was rather true. Could be just bad luck or a simple coincidence that we both noted. The toughest part of the expo was the huge number of people that walked around. Trying to get around such big number of people makes the expo itself time consuming, visiting every booth and having a decent chat with the vendors there would be almost impossible.

Jimmy and Gene from Labrada Nutrition

Regarding supplements, there were several booths that were giving away samples. Both liquid and in solid form. This is to me has become the core of testing a product and it's company. There are training related products, muscle enhancers etc.. but those can't really be tested at the time and see its functionality. On the other hand a food supplement works as what is, a supplement, replacing a meal with the right amount of protein, carbs, good fats and low sugar. This show again Labrada Nutrition had the best booth regarding replacement meals. With their "Rockin' Roll" protein bars they probably chopped hundreds if not thousands that weekend to give it away. Every time I walked around for some samples it was always packed with people tasting the samples. Another company that had excellent tasting samples in the form of liquid was Scitec Nutrition, thanks to Tamee Marie I was able to get to that booth and taste their products. GNC with their pro performance bars (S'mores) had a good number of people eating and eating the pieces of bars.

Gina Lara Amber Jamie
Erica Riegal Jane Awad
Shelby Right McKensy Knapp Teri
Jessica Paxson Jenny Lynn
Mary Lado Stephanie Rupp Brandy Newman April and Marc Jacobs  
Amber Steinmetz Stephanie Worsfold Ocean
Dave Hughes and Ocean Danielle Fernandes
Amber & Shiloe Steinmetz Heidi Fletcher Julie
Tara Scotti  
Susan and Jen Susan Groshek Jen Cowan Carina Dupree Carina and friend
Monica Brant -Peckham   Christine Wan Bill Llewellyn Becky Clawson and Tamee Marie
Becky, Staci Johnson and Tamee Tamara Amend Kendra
Ruth Lucchesi Nikki Fuller
Jitka Harazimova Michelle Adams Tiffany Bender Nancy Di Nino  


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