Issue #76


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Amanda Iannelli

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Amanda Iannelli

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Amanda Iannelli,
Christina Perez, Sumer Westland, Elsie Velazquez & Amanda Cherundolo

Video Interview with Melissa Marx

Video Interview with ASU's Star Hailey Orsini


Elite Fitness and Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Post Show…
Since the Vulcan Classic kicked off our season and we had a lot of first-timers, I thought I would focus this newsletter on some tips that should help what turns out unexpectedly to be two weeks of a rollercoaster.
Usually more downs than ups…
Saturday our Elites rocked the stage at the
Vulcan Classic in Homewood, Alabama.
Proud Placing:
• Sarah Hoots 1st Bikini Tall

• Alisa Korn 2nd Bikini Tall

• Silvia Medlin 2nd Bikini Medium

• Jarita Orevitt 3rd Bikini Medium

• Sussie Chitwood 2nd Figure Open and 1st Masters


• Shane Hutchinson 2nd Novice Bodybuilding

Great Job!!!
Let us know how the show went… Hotel recommendations, post show dining, and overall satisfaction with the show? 2
Diet trick of the week: Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash on tilapia…tastes awesome baked, steamed, grilled, or pan fried. When Im not super close to a show I spray lite ranch and butter spray on it. YUM
Workout tip of the week: Take it outside…not sure if its been as pretty in your neck of the woods but if the sun is shining, take your cardio outdoor. Great for a mood lifter and changes it up a bit.

Self Image…
Feeling ugly, depressed, unmotivated?
You’re not alone. You just spent a good week at top of your game and now the tan is slowly wearing off. Carbs, water, limited energy and sodium have taken over your award winning physique.
This is all part of the façade and glamour of the stage…take each day at a time and get back on track as quickly as possible. Most importantly, listen to your body and ask other competitors/Greg questions.

So you’re exhausted, sore, worn out and amped up all in one. A common suggestion is to take a week off. Not sure how many people that’s worked for or how much time is left until your last show but I know I feel better if I am at least walking on the treadmill no later than Tuesday and maybe incorporate a day off the following week…when your body tells you.
Even if you cant put in the same energy as the week before your carbs were cut it will make you feel better and
keep your routine.

So you trained, dieted, and brought home the trophy…now what? Hmm…let me see, pizza, ice cream, sugar, fat, carbs, caRBS, CARBS, CARBS!!! Well, I can stay on this topic for a while but we will continue to cover aspects of it throughout the year so I wont dwell.
For those of you that are just walking off stage, you should still look killer after the binge, if not better. This wont last forever so you need to resume healthy easting ASAP. Post show Wednesday seems to be the universal “Done with crap” day. Listen to Greg and don’t stay on a downward spiral. It is very easy for even the fittest and “healthiest” competitors to develop issues with food.
Log on to the forums for recipes, don’t bring bad food home, watch the sodium and DRINK WATER.
We are trying to do something new with Elite to bring all of us together. The past couple years one of the biggest complaints was not having that “team” feeling.
I’m hoping to get out a newsletter a week that ranges in topics and highlights our athletes.
If you have any suggestions, competitor tips, or exciting news email me at josielynn1214@yahoo.com or call me at 850.797.0600


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