Issue #76


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Amanda Iannelli

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Amanda Iannelli

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Amanda Iannelli,
Christina Perez, Sumer Westland, Elsie Velazquez & Amanda Cherundolo

Video Interview with Melissa Marx

Video Interview with ASU's Star Hailey Orsini


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Are you a Photoshop model?

There is a growing large number of photographers that use excessive photoshop techniques that enhance their looks and make them appear as flawless. The norm is that they charge the models for the shoot and then they edit a few images. This is normal yes in the world of photography but why is this in my opinion a wrong approach?

Well first of all most of the women in the pictures are not very deep into the world of fitness so they pay a photographer to take their images. Like I stated in last editorial the real models never pay for a shoot they get paid for their work instead. But the problem lies when these women try to get booth work or other photoshoot work. I get resumes with these images and then when you see their candids on facebook or in person they look totally different.

Ladies i know striving for perfect skin, face and zero faults on your physique is great but using these images to promote yourself and try to get other work is not helping you. Business owners that understand the fitness world will not take you very seriously as they know that these images are hiding something, therefore we know the final product is not very good. A great model that looks amazing needs no photoshop and can completely look great in person as well.

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