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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Sacramento Pro and NPC Figure Photos and Results

2007 Sacramento Pro and NPC Figure Review

2007 San Francisco Show Photos and Results

2007 San Francisco Show Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Inga Neverauskaite

Interview with Irina Veselova IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Tana Clough

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Danyell Leavitt

Inga Neverauskaite
Stephanie McDonald, Chrissy Burton, Maria Carmen Gomez Segura and Priscilla Barrera

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder
Connie Holt

Spot Reduction Revealed
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Fitness Bobbie McGeragle Interview by Janelle Haney



2007 Sacramento Pro Figure and NPC Championships Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

The second to last pro figure show was in the city of Sacramento, a quiet place that lately has been getting a good share of pro competitions and has left the great SF bay area with nothing but amateur competitions.

Michelle Flake

The show is on Saturday only and includes both the amateur and professional portion. Starting with the Pro Figure Michelle Flake plunged into first place and qualified to the Olympia after taking a year off. Michelle is not as muscular probably due to the time off but still remains a great physique. MJ Cooke came in tight and took second place. Our own HardFitness athlete Darlina Brown took a 3rd place and is now going to the Olympia. She always brings a great package and things combined at this show and the result was great for her. Sheri Salvadori has been up and coming and took a 4th place. Andrea Dumon who just won the AC pro and went to the Olympia took 5th. From the other competitors Waleska Valle came in very tight

Darlina Brown

and showing great muscle. Heather Mae French is a top competitor with her balance and shape, her glutes are tight like no other. April Fortier made her pro debut and did very well for a first show, April is surely one of the competitors to look out for in the future. Michelle Mayberry also came in with a great physique and ripped abs, maybe best ever. It seems that these shows in the end of the year bring some competitors that are sometimes tired or some that are totally fresh, in the end it depends on the body and their diets on how they are going to look on stage.

Maria Harvey

NPC Figure and also masters was all for Maria Harvey who had taken a almost 7 year absence from the stage. Maria was well conditioned and had all overall a great balance. If she would have stepped on stage with the pro competitors she would have taken a few down. In second place Mandy Henderson who was the shortest competitor of the class, she has a great v-taper and very small waist. Class B was for Enji Khoo who has been competing at several local shows and is also stepping on National level shows too. Wendy Kaszer took 2nd in her 2nd show ever, so this is another competitor to really look out for. Marcela Hogle with a very competitive package took 3rd full muscles and excellent shape could get her a pro card very soon. In 4th place Kelly Ordaz another very talented competitor doing her first show ever totally blew almost everyone away. Kelly will be someone to lookout for as her physique and shape is what the NPC is looking for.

Veronica Ramirez

class C was very tight for the first spot Lauren Bush came ahead of Nikilea Bivens but it was a close race. Both competitors had a great shape but judges awarded Lauren Bush. In 3rd place Rene Racicot made a splash with her great looks and is someone to lookout for in the future. Class D was also very tight as both veterans Shari Yates and Julie Alves competed in it, Shari from Arizona and Julie from Oregon. Veronica Ramirez was hot off her class D win at the San Francisco show a few weeks ago. Veronica took first and came in very well conditioned and not as muscular, but judges award her and gave Julie Alves a second and Shari Yates 3rd. Janice Turbyfill took 4th and Michelle Batista took 5th place.
The overall was without a doubt for Maria Harvey who had balance and the best conditioning from the show. She surely can beat some of the pro competitors if she stepped on stage with them.

Masters class A was for Maria Harvey and so was the overall cleaning up the evening. In class B the great Rhonda Cordano who has one of the best physiques and should have competed in the open took the first place trophy home with ease. Shari Yates took class C and Michelle Batista took a second place.

Tanya Merryman

As for Fitness, Tanya Merryman took first place over Sandra Augustin, we will be seeing Tanya at the Nationals. Sandra made a great comeback on this show and her routine was terrific and it had to be a tough fight for first place. Bobbie McGeragle took 3rd, Melody Miles 4th and Laurie Tanner 5th.

Bodybuilding lightweights including two competitors and Mujuri Blocker took the lightweights. Shelly Fields took the heavyweights against a muscular and balanced Julie Assa. Shelly was better conditioned and took that class. Overall was for Shelly, good job for her as she makes her comeback in female bodybuilding. Shelly is competing at Nationals is working on hard on keeping her conditioning.

Shelly Fields


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