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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Ironman NPC Figure Photos and Results

2006 Ironman NPC Figure Review

2006 Fit Expo Photos and Review

20 questions with our Cover Model: Tamee Marie

Video Interview with Cover Model: Tamee Marie

Tamee Marie, Ana Sanchez, Karen Mullarkey, Megan Payan, Christina Mehling

Time Flies by Angi Jackson

Video Interview: NPC Figure Karen Mullarkey

The Importance of Planning and Prepping Your Meals
by Traci Redding

Video Interview: NPC Figure Christine Camacho

Back Training
by Alissa Carpio

Stadium Workout
by Misty Green

Video Interview: NPC Figure Ann Pratt

by Kaisa Piippo

Fitness Routine Practice
by Katie Szep

2006 Ironman NPC Figure Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

Tamee Marie

Pasadena was again the location for the XVII Ironman Pro and NPC Figure portion. The Fit Expo ran in conjunction with the Ironman Pro giving an extra degree of fun to those who attended. The Fit Expo and Ironman every year become better and better, always the schedule is every smooth and packed with interesting events. The press and media are more than welcome to this event. Several media outlets from various countries were there to cover their competitors and the event. Helen Yu who handles press credentials made this event as smooth as possible for the press. People like her are assets to the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Patty Farrow

Friday 3pm-9pm was the first day of the Fit Expo the number of people was rather small and most competitors arrived that day at the Sheraton Pasadena, the host hotel. Saturday prejudging began at 1:30pm and one of the few problems the Ironman has is that the expo stage is not well lit. Weather was a bit more pleasant this year but many times the sky was covered with clouds and having the expo curtains closed didn't let any light come in. After several minutes of turning up some lights on the stage the contest began. The first thing that was odd was the way the height classes were determined. 5'4 and below was deemed short class. 5'4 to 5'6 medium and 5'6 and above was tall class. This in turn made the short class include 19 competitors, the medium 3 and the tall class 7.

Jamie Fisher and Anne Holbrook

Halcyon Duarte from the start was liked by the judges and called out first place and kept in the center. Diana Tinelle and Patty Farrow showed a bit more muscularity and had both very elegant and full physiques. It could have been either of them taking the top of the class if judges would have wanted to. Masae Parker who is actually a Japanese citizen has done almost every show in California and proven her might. It is just a matter of time when she can hopefully apply for an IFBB pro card as she lives in the U.S. Being a very large class it is possible that some were overlooked, but in general the judges did a good job with the top 10. Tracey Martin who placed 10th had placed in 2004 2nd in her class. She seems to bring the same physique but this time judges perhaps want her to move up to only National shows.

Middle class was tight between Jamie Fisher and Anne Holbrook. It could have gone either way but Jamie seems to have the look that judges want and she has lots of National experience.

Now the tall class was very tight, and it is true that judges didn't make it clear what they wanted given the placings on the previous classes and this same show last year. Tamee Marie was probably the leanest and had the best lines. Tamee has brought up her legs enormously and has the shape for getting her pro card soon. Shari Yates this year again improved and looked good but judges seemed to favor another look for the winner of the tall class. Props go to Megan Payan who in a very short time has reached top 5 and will probably do very well at Nationals. Also Soumaya Wilmore is making a great transformation from her physique last year thanks to David Ellis fitness guru and owner of "The Fit Gourmet". By the way David Ellis makes the best oatmeal ever!

The night show threw only a few surprises but it was clear after prejudging that Kim Oddo's client Halcyon Duarte would win and she did. Props to Kim for getting her body to such a level.



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