Issue #14


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Ironman NPC Figure Photos and Results

2006 Ironman NPC Figure Review

2006 Fit Expo Photos and Review

20 questions with our Cover Model: Tamee Marie

Video Interview with Cover Model: Tamee Marie

Tamee Marie, Ana Sanchez, Karen Mullarkey, Megan Payan, Christina Mehling

Time Flies by Angi Jackson

Video Interview: NPC Figure Karen Mullarkey

The Importance of Planning and Prepping Your Meals
by Traci Redding

Video Interview: NPC Figure Christine Camacho

Back Training
by Alissa Carpio

Stadium Workout
by Misty Green

Video Interview: NPC Figure Ann Pratt

by Kaisa Piippo

Fitness Routine Practice
by Katie Szep

Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Once more another show, another editorial, another issue. The Ironman and Fit Expo was again a great show. Too bad only a few shows have the combo of great expo and competitions together. Hotel and it's restaurant were great, nothing really to complain except rooms not being available early on Friday like in 2005. This is probably just a matter of luck.

Here are a few photos from the last Musclemag Mexico layouts that I hadn't posted yet, sorry for the delay but the editor was on vacation for sometime and things just slipped. More coming up next issue, lots more.


I swear every month or every week there is some drama going on in this industry. If it's not a girl lying about being sick and canceling a shoot, or big companies not following up with their sponsored athletes, or people not honoring contracts or the countless competitors talking about each other behind their backs. Nevertheless all examples of some people's poor character and lack of discipline. The way you behave on your personal life is usually the way you behave with business. What makes someone professional is to understand each other work and commitments. Be able to commit and to keep a promise written or verbal. This axiom alone will solve most of people's problem not only in their personal lives but also in the industry. Sounds almost contradictory, fit people who follow strict diets and training programs can't be organized in other areas of life? Hopefully 2006 will be a better year for everyone, people just need to take it easy and relax more, don't try to do as much. Don't give anyone ammunition to put down the bodybuilding industry, we already have a lot in our hands with the Titus-Ryan case.


No I am going to talk about the Montreal Expos but expos such as the Fit Expo. Their importance is sometimes overshadowed by the events around them. At least for me the expo was secondary to the Ironman show but nevertheless I was able to make time (and find time) to get around the expo for a longer time. At times you may have already visited all the booths and ate just about everything but you can still talk to people and meet people. The companies that pay the hefty prices to be at these expos know that it is important publicity for them. There might be a product you sample at an expo and then buy it, your friends like it and they buy it too. So the marketing model works for these supplement companies but for others it won't. At the Fit Expo there was a booth with a paintings of famous IFBB pros but I don't recall seeing many people approach the booth. Or those selling prints of actual photos may have a tough time making up the huge costs of the booth, specially at big events like the Arnold and Olympia. But some people or companies do it for fun and have the money to spend so it can be good or bad depending on how you view it.


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