Issue #130


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Jessica Schiefer

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Lisa Balash

Jessica Schiefer, Kanani Gonzales, Kristy Cisneroz, Laura Richards & Natalie Bush

Video Interview with Pro Figure Kanani Gonzales

Hair Tip of the Month
by Lindsey Fowler

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Tanya Aziz


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Last National show in Miami is coming up! Many competitors have saved money just for this show. Truth is doing a few national level shows per year helps you be seen by the judges. But planning carefully so your body can withstand the diet then that is even smarter. The human body specially the female body with such hormonal inbalances while dieting make it harder to do more shows.

Some competitors as well compete for ego reasons and don't bring their best packages and don't do well then they blame the judges and don't want to compete ever again. Let's say i play soccer with a team and of course i can't control all my teammates so we lose a game, we don't play well or I don't play well just because we lose a few games doesn't mean i will need to quit soccer forever. Instead analyze why you didn't do well at show, its a political industry and humans control it. Sometimes people will tell you to have a good offseason and gain muscle instead of eat anything in sight or crossfit your gains off. If your shoulders didn't grow offseason is because you didn't target them while eating more calories. Take time to think about what your game plan will be.

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